Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Day @ the Park

It was a nice day... in the shade.  We were supposed to meet at another park, but luckily someone was having a birthday party there and left absolutely NO parking for anyone else.  So we got booted to a nearby park, which totally worked out for the best.  There was a ton of shade, an empty bench for the parents, and ample parking.   W had a good time, I think.  We're going to be going a lot of parks the next few years and I plan on taking full advantage of our tax dollars.

I do have one suggestion to the state tax board.  Public restrooms, please!!!  Okay, that's three words.

Check out the kiddies....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh, Silly!

W's personality gets bigger and bigger each day. Being silly is becoming the majority of his repertoire. And the best part is....he's ticklish! Just like me! He goes nuts if you poke his sides and back and try to breathe on his neck. And he loves when you bite his legs and feet! Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors are going to come knocking cause they hear him screaming so much. But he loves it and we love the sound of his laughter! If joy made a noise...

Daddy's arm workout.

Plump raisin. Oxymoron??

Playing on goh-moh's inflatable bed. I was deflating this the other day, and W climbed on half way, giggling and such. I decided to jump on one end and make him bounce. Well, let's just say I didn't compensate for our weight differences. Sorry, baby. Mommy didn't mean to make you bounce so high.

Remember that hideous dress I wore when I was pregnant? Well, guess who found it and decided to make a cowl out of it? Okay, no. I did that. But he pulled it off the hanger!!

Yep. That's another dress of mine. He loves his crazy floral patterns! I hope he doesn't hate me later for posting these.

Next time you see him, just ask to see his belly button. As you can see, he's got no problems with this request.

I went a little collage crazy but it's the best way to show his silliness. All I can say is thank goodness for fast shutter speeds!!!