Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nom Nom Nom

My mom predicted that baby N would grow up to bigger than W.  I couldn't understand why she thought this.  He was born smaller, first of all.  He was a poor eater for the first few months and he lost a ton of weight when he was jaundiced.  But I guess she saw something in him that I didn't.  Because let me tell you, he's more than a chunky monkey.  He's a gorilla!  A delicious, juicy, squishy, nibblelicious ball of love.  And he is already wearing clothes that W didn't wear until he was a year old.  Yup.  Ya heard me.  And it's not because he eats a lot.  I would say that W was still a better eater at this age.  It's a mystery as to why he just packs it on.  Genetics.  Mama's genetics.  

N finally has teeth!!  Unlike W, this kid was not happy about his new chompers.  Fever, pain, and drool, drool, drool.  But they finally cut through and they are so dang cute!  

Go ahead.  Bite me.

Green beans and broccoli.  Gag
Cookie.  That's much better.  Hmph! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Trails

I can't wait until we can go camping as a family.  Some of my best childhood memories are of camping with friends and family.  Pitching the tent, the smell of charcoal, the crackling fire....all of it.  I daydream about it all the time.  Not only do I blog about my life but I follow many, many blogs as well.  And I noticed that I tend to enjoy the ones of folks who live in the midwest, so close to nature, where their children get to have the great outdoors literally right outside their windows.  I envy that.  How nice it must be to experience all four seasons and hear the sound of gravel under your shoes wherever you go.  Perhaps one day we'll live in a place like that.  

Until then, a hiking we will go!  It's the next best thing and it's a little difficult to do right now with a young baby.  But we got our dusty carrier out and I gotta say, I think N is going to be an Eagle Scout for sure!  He was such a trooper!!  Didn't hear a peep from that little guy the entire time.  He was just staring at the wonderful scenery the entire way!  P had hiked this place before and failed to mention how rocky the terrain would be.  I guess he didn't remember it that way.  But it was a bit of challenge trying to make sure W didn't trip and kill himself!  We had to cross streams and walk on slippery rocks over and over again.  It didn't help that W kept stepping in the stream water on purpose!  Needless to say, I was stressed out the entire time, but it was amazing to see my little man hike the entire way and back!  I live with a bunch of outdoorsmen, apparently.  Awesome!  The reward at the end of trail was a beautiful enclosed waterfall.  W really enjoyed it.  And of course, it's always great to see your kids happy.

Papa was awesome carrying N the whole time on his back.  And he had to help me with W a lot, too.  The map says it's a half mile but...that's bullshit.  I know what a half mile feels like and that was waaaay longer, map!  Way longer!  Well, it was a good workout and I gotta say, it makes me feel like our family can get through some tough stuff when we stick together.   

So adorable, right!?

Still hard to believe we have 2 boys!  Will I ever get used to this sight?

W gets so giddy when we go walking.  

My babies look even smaller amongst these grand trees.

W, your shadow is taking a picture of you!

He was so ready to enjoy the water after that grueling hike.

Um, mommy didn't bring a change of clothes dear.  Sigh.

Isn't this kid awesome?

The road back.

Glorious pudginess at it's best.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We finally went to a ballgame this year!  Was it an Angel's game?  No.  LOL!!  It was a Dodger game because our good friends are expecting and they decided to throw an awesome baby shower at the game.  They rented out a suite and it was all comfort and fun.  The food was yummy, Dodger dogs and pulled pork sandwiches.  And the dessert cart came by, not that I partook.  Dieting, remember?  I was good.  I think the kids had the most fun of all!  W and A get a long really well and when they get together, it's a giggle fest. It was a little loud and we had to go to First Aid to get N some ear plugs but other than that, the atmosphere was electric.  Did I watch any of the game?  Nope.  It's hard to do anything with 2 kids, let alone watch a baseball game.  We pretty much spent the whole time watching the kids instead.  I love taking the boys to experience new things.  This is just one more thing we can cross off that list!!

The mom-to-be was glowing!  I think the dad-to-be was glowing a little bit, too!  Hopefully, we can squeeze in one more game before the season ends.  And it won't be Dodger game!  I miss my Angels and the red sea of cheering fans.  Hopefully I won't forget to bring ear plugs for N's precious little ears.    

The happy parents-to-be

Just chillin'


I can't hear anything and I love it!

These two can have fun doing absolutely nothing.

They don't look like babies anymore, do they?

Monday, August 5, 2013


The ONLY good thing about summer in the valley.... time to hit the pool!!!  Well, the summer nights are pretty amazing but we don't go out at night anymore so I don't count that.  My little mermen were loving the water.  Last summer, I was big and pregnant and would stay poolside to watch my ONE son swim.  Fast forward to the present and now BOTH my sons are in the pool.  Isn't that crazy!?!?  One year can bring so much change.  Well, I was still poolside this year and I will probably remain so because...I don't like getting wet.  I'm like a cat.  Independent and hydrophobic.  Besides, who else is going to take the pictures of my adorable swimmers?!  

The weather is mild now but it was insanely hot for a little bit there.  It seems like in Southern California, we don't have Fall or Spring.  Just really long hot Summers and then a brief tease of a Winter.  I wish I could say that we're finally cooling down, but it stays warm, especially where we live, until around November.  When I was little, I remember being cold while Trick or Treating.  Not anymore.  It's a little scary how much our climate has changed in just a couple of decades.  Makes me fear what's in store for my boys.  Makes me regret not buying a hybrid car or recycling more.   Never too late to start, right?  These cuties are worth any and all efforts.

I heard that babies can naturally hold their breath under water until about 8 months of age.  But I was too chicken to try it with N.  I'm too scared to douse water on his face during bath time so I don't know what I was expecting.  Hopefully, these kids learn to swim, unlike myself.  I still have to pinch my nose.  The water just goes up my nose, I promise!!!  It's like I have no stopper!  Perhaps, if W goes to swim school next year, I'll learn right along with him.
Aren't they cute?

Look!!  W is swimming on his own now!
Gotta protect that yummy fair skin.

Doesn't he look so grown up? 

Just give him a rock and clam and he could be a sea otter!

I like swimming, daddy.  

Best buds.  Sigh.  I love this.