Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Happy??

I gave in.  We took the boys to the happiest place on earth!  We got annual passes to Disneyland after friends of ours convinced us that it would only get more expensive later when W will need a ticket.  Arm and a leg.  That's all I have to say.  I saw some families with 5 or more kids and I'm like..."do you have a tree in your backyard that sprouts money?!"  How can people afford this?  And there were some families there that I swear I saw on that Honey Boo show.  Red.  Necks.  

I always felt that W was too young to appreciate or even enjoy Disneyland..and for the most part, I was right.  He was more interested in the water fountains and puddles than anything Disney-related.  LOL!! We thought he might enjoy it after he discovered the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.  He did meet Mickey and from what P said, he was happy to see him but did not want to pose with him.  Hehe.  I have photos of myself as a child, absolutely terrified of those giant characters at theme parks.

We went on Super Bowl Sunday.  Should be pretty empty, right?  O. M. G. It was the exact opposite.  It was soooo crowded that it took forever just to get into the park! And what is with the two elevators for strollers for the parking structure.  Are you freaking kidding me, Disneyland?   Two?!  REally?!
Well, once we finally got in, all W wanted to do was hang out in the stroller.  He was tired already and a little overwhelmed by the crowd.  Not that I blame him.  Oh, and it was hot.  Yup.  It's freaking January and it was hot!!!  What's funny is... P ran into an old friend and that guy went to Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday last year and he said it was completely dead.  So it's a mystery as to why so many people decided to go this year.  

It's a little daunting to think that I will be taking the boys alone throughout the year.  We got the passes so we have to use them, right?  Hopefully it'll only get easier each time.   We bought a double stroller, too!  He actually slept for 2 hours in the stroller that day!  He must have been really really tired and overloaded.  See, we need the double stroller.

The line to get on the elevator to exit the parking lot.  Sigh.

Main street.  He was staring at the trolley tracks the whole time.
Isn't his shirt adorable?  

Infant sized hat too big for my infant.  
Auntie J giving me a break :)

I find this picture funny, because we look happier than the kids.

I wish I still had my hat from when I was little.  It looks exactly the same.

The only ride he rode.

P was still on paternity leave so we decided to give Disneyland a second chance.  We went on a Thursday that same week.  Yup! Twice in one week!  We crazy like that.  

This time it was cold but still crowded.  Why??!?!  But we cheated and parked at Downtown Disney.  So, ha!  It wasn't as crazy with people as Sunday but still.  There were a couple of rides that had super short lines so we took W on those.  We spent most of the time in Carsland, which is funny because none of us has seen the movie.  He has a couple of Cars books, though so he knows Mater and McQueen.  

All in all, I think W liked it.  I think he liked it as much as he likes... say, Target or Toys R Us.  Lol!  But it's something new and each time he'll be familiar with more and more things.  

This ride was a little crazy and fast, so he clung onto daddy real tight.  

Poor guy, giving me that "Why am I not sleeping?"

He did a little better on the jungle ride.   He stared into the water most of the time.
Like the flare?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bros For Life

Just one more day.  Just one more day of paternity leave and the real fun begins.  I'm being fearfully sarcastic, of course.  Our biggest challenge right now is N fighting his sleep and having major gas and no way of letting it out.  Mommy and daddy are good farters.  I guess not all things come naturally.   It seems so painful and he's so unhappy at times, I feel angry for him.  No little baby should have to go through this.  Now I must try to figure what is causing his gas.  This oughtta be fun.  It could be anything!!  I just pray to God that it's not chocolate.  Though it would serve me right, since I have gained sooo much weight.  Not only is nursing not burning off any fat, my metabolism has come to a screeching halt.  Awesome.  Getting old is a hoot.  Wrinkle cream, an ever-increasing waistline, sagging body parts.  Oh! and I got a postcard saying it was time I got my first mammogram.  Seriously?  We're here now?

We are looking into preschool for W.  Which would make it much easier for me.  But I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm gonna miss out on so much.  All those giggles and cute little things he says.  Sigh.  I guess I have to learn to let go and let grow.  My baby is going to enter the real world.  Not for another 7 months but STILL!  It's going to happen and there's nothing I can do to stop it.  I am, however, looking forward to having some bonding time with N, like I did with W.

I think these two are going to be good friends.  It would break my heart if they weren't.  Do you hear me, boys?!  It would break your poor mother's heart!!  So be nice and look out for each other.

He voluntarily kisses only N.  Everyone else has to ask him for one.

He's so giddy that he and N are naked.  
Dancing machine.
Pooped already??
I would give anything to know what W is thinking when he looks at his baby brother