Sunday, August 26, 2012

At The Fair

It's that time of year again.  And of course, I had to be pregnant!  It was hot, hot, HOT!!!  But we got to see good friends and eat good BBQ so it was totally worth the sweat.  And W had a good time.  But he was too short to ride any of the rides, so that sucked.  He just stood there, holding on the to gate, watching other little kids go round and round.  Next time you'll be tall enough, baby.  Just eat your vegetables!!! 

He liked the ones that were sitting.

But this one was a little too aggressive.  Not to mention it had really freaky-looking eyes.

Look at those cheeks!  You're so cute, P!!

I knew I should've bought TWO brisket sandwiches.  Sigh.

Hey A!  How you been girl?  I see mommy did everything she could to protect you from the sun :)

Smooch time!

He winks after he kisses you.  Working on his flirting skills already.

Um, I'm not comfortable being in this photo.

Hey, we had to try, right?

Sheesh! That guy has some real personal space issues.

I like Uncle C.  Can he come home with us?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hair Don't.

I know I know.  Why did I try to cut his hair myself?  Well, in my defense, the kid will not let anyone touch his hair.  At least, not to cut it.  But his bangs were getting so dang long and poking his eyes, I HAD to do something, right?!  And his long shag isn't because we were trying to make him look homeless.  It's because I've been sick and this was the last thing I was going to try to tackle.  So, now he looks like a little Asian girl who just immigrated here.  Sigh.  Sorry, dude.

A little hair wax, and voila!  Much better, right?  Our little surfer boy.  Until he is willing to let someone else cut his hair, we're going to have to use product on his beautiful hair.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Man On Campus

 I don't swim.  I'd like to, but I suck at it.  But it's worth the trip if I get to see my men having fun together.  We're in the middle of a major heat wave, so I don't go out with W by myself.  I'm always in danger of fainting because being pregnant means I have no way to regulate my body temperature.  I get hot...and it's all downhill from there.  Remember this episode?  But this weather is great for the pool and I gotta say, my son looks good with a tan!

He's getting too big for that floaty.  Time to pass it on to his little brother.

He loves letters and numbers right now.  He goes around the pool saying all the depths.  

Isn't he so much bigger and older-looking now?!?  I'm talking about W, not P.  My husband still looks the same as the day I met him.  I'm so happy our family is growing!!  If I were 5 years younger, I'd be thinking about having at least 2 more kids, but this girl is only a girl at heart.  Sometimes I think my body is mad that I'm pregnant again.  How dare I?!  I hope I can hang out for playdates soon.  I miss my seeing my friends and their kids.  The older I get, the less time I have for myself, the more I need my galpal therapy.  Just hanging out, talking about whatever can do wonders for the soul.


Oh wait!  De plane! De plane!

Kiss daddy!  

This is the best.  He finds flowers and brings them to me.  

Look at the concentration on his face.  Two flowers, one in each hand.

Here, mom.

You're sweet, kiddo.  
       Sigh.  God is good.  Life is good.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Remember that song?!

No I didn't go on vacation.  I WISH!!!  I got knocked up instead.  Hahahaha!  Yup, I'm about 17 weeks pregnant.  And no, we don't know what we're having yet.  But we're really excited that W is going to have someone to play with.  This has been my dream for him, for him to have a sibling.  I know my parents' didn't have a choice but I wanted to make sure he wasn't an only child if I could help it.  Was our timing good...well, that's a horse of another color, but it's too late to think about stuff like that we go!!!

I wish I could say this pregnancy is different from the first.  Wait, it is.  It's waaaay worse!!!  I know, right?  After all that suffering the first time, you would think this one couldn't be any worse.  But it has been doozy. I can't believe that W was the easy pregnancy.  Sigh.   I thought I was okay around 10 weeks, but then, much to my confusion, I got worse as time went on.  I kept thinking....WTF!?  Why am I getting sicker and sicker?  Well, it got so bad that I ended up in the hospital.  I spent 3 nights and 4 days there, hooked up to an IV and getting no sleep.  They kept checking my blood pressure just when I was falling asleep.  Weird.  Why was I so sick?  Well, it turns out my pregnancy hormones made my thyroid go bonkers.  I now have hyperthyroidism.  Yay.  And as a result, my morning sickness got worse.  Not only do I have to see and perinatalogist because I'm old, I now have to see an endocrinologist to maintain my thyroid levels.  I was really freaked out for a while because if the medication I was taking was affecting negatively, I'd have to have a thyroidectomy during my pregnancy!  YIKES!!!  But so far, the meds are working and I'm doing much better.  Insert huge sigh of relief.  

In the end, going to the hospital was the best decision I could've made.  The folks at the hospital really took great care of me and fixed me right up.  My OB was so great, letting me ruin her weekend and visiting me every morning!!!  She's so awesome, she's worth the extra 15 miles I have to drive from our new home.  I got back home feeling like I'd been given a second chance at life.  

For the past few months, I wasn't able to do anything but lay in bed, getting up only to pee or puke.  Fun, eh?  And I couldn't take care of my W.  That was the worst. THE WORST.  I missed out on so much.  Suddenly he knew all these new words he didn't before, and even the way he moves and's like I was seeing him for the first time.  He's even calling me "mom" now.   When did this happen!!!? I thought he would forget about me and for a while, it seemed like he did.  My MIL, my mom and, most especially, my husband really stepped in and took care of everything.  I wish I could say I suffered alone, but this pregnancy has been hard on everybody.  P was always great with W, but he had to be more than great.  He had to be mommy and daddy and housekeeper and provider.  He was basically a single dad for the past few months, getting absolutely no help from me.  The only mercy he'd get is that one of our moms' would do the dishes so that he wouldn't have to.  But other than that, it was all on him.  Poor guy.  Oh yeah, and he had to take care of me as well.  Sheesh!  

I missed my son sooo much.  I loved to hear him giggle with whoever was watching him, but it would also break my heart, too.  If you think about it, it's been me and him for the last year and half.  During the day, we were together every minute and it was wonderful!  Suddenly, overnight, I couldn't  even change his diaper.  The smell would send me spinning.  Even the smell of his Cheerios would make me sick.  Was I able to prepare his food?  Heck no!  Thank God for my MIL.  She bravely drove all the way to our house every week and played with W until papa came home.  If any good came out of this, it was that W got to know his grandma who lives so far away.

It was definitely hard to watch on the sidelines.  You have no control over the house, over meals, over how your child is being raised.  That was the hardest.  My teachings being derailed by whoever is with my son.  Sigh.  But that's life.  And I'm back in action so I'm working on getting life back to normal for all of us.  I don't know why I even bother when in just a few months, it's going to get crazy up in here!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!   Just in time for the holidays, too!

I'm forgetting a lot.  But whatevs.  I'm tired of thinking about it all.  I'm just happy to be back.  Poopy diapers and all.