Sunday, August 26, 2012

At The Fair

It's that time of year again.  And of course, I had to be pregnant!  It was hot, hot, HOT!!!  But we got to see good friends and eat good BBQ so it was totally worth the sweat.  And W had a good time.  But he was too short to ride any of the rides, so that sucked.  He just stood there, holding on the to gate, watching other little kids go round and round.  Next time you'll be tall enough, baby.  Just eat your vegetables!!! 

He liked the ones that were sitting.

But this one was a little too aggressive.  Not to mention it had really freaky-looking eyes.

Look at those cheeks!  You're so cute, P!!

I knew I should've bought TWO brisket sandwiches.  Sigh.

Hey A!  How you been girl?  I see mommy did everything she could to protect you from the sun :)

Smooch time!

He winks after he kisses you.  Working on his flirting skills already.

Um, I'm not comfortable being in this photo.

Hey, we had to try, right?

Sheesh! That guy has some real personal space issues.

I like Uncle C.  Can he come home with us?

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