Monday, October 6, 2014


I cannot get my head around the fact that it is almost he holidays again.  I feel like I write this post every year, but it is just THAT mind-boggling how time flies.  Did the box with tree even get a chance to collect dust yet?  I mean, I just put the ornaments away last week, right?   I just survived W's birthday party.  Now, I've got to work on Halloween costumes.  It never ends!!!  Am I complaining?  Heck no!  Just saying, this time of year is a whirlwind of events and I feel like an ostrich with it's head underground, just waiting for the sandstorm to pass.  I'm sure ostriches put their heads underground for a number of reasons.  But for this ostrich, it's a sandstorm.  

My focus for the next few months, and hopefully, for good, is to just enjoy the moment with my family.  With all the holidays and birthdays this season, it's really easy to get caught up with all the many errands I have to run and ideas I have to crank out.  But I just want to see my babies be babies before they become men.  And N has truly made some major progress with all his developments.  The boys have so much fun together that it just stops me in my tracks.  I gotta witness this right now.  No cameras, no video.  No saying "later" to myself.  Because the next thing I know, they are gone and living life away from us.  Can't even think about that without feeling a big lump in my throat.  

They are so cute together, W working so hard to make N laugh with his funny faces and obnoxious sounds.  I'm telling you, if N didn't laugh at those sounds, I'd beg W to stop making them altogether.  So loud.  It's not all peaches and cream all the time.  They fight.  N has a really bad habit of hitting.  And the fact that he doesn't know how to share yet makes it really fun when W is constantly taking stuff away from him.  At some point, I'm just going to have to let them deal with it on their own.  But right now, I gotta butt in and try.   For the most part, they are falling into their roles as brothers very nicely.  W is the big brother, finding ways to torture N from time to time.  And N is the typical younger brother, indignant and rebellious, but stills wanting to everything W does.  It's music to my ears, hearing those two go at it.  Good or bad.  

Rolly pollies.  Much entertainment.

Watching one of the pollies climb the stair. 
The hunt continues.

I better get used to being in the bleachers.
So little in this big world.
Not sure, but I think N burped.  W loves when people burp.
He has the best laugh.
Look closely.  Bath time is also booger loosening time.
Too cute, right?  
Don't judge.  This is the good life.
Laundry AKA pile of toys.
W teaching N how to have fun.
Pretty sure he rolled N off the pile.
More laundry shenannigans.
Almost got lost in my pjs.
Look at N.  He's like, do you mind?  I'm trying to eat my rice cake in peace.