Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow your ears!

The earrings have moved. I didn't want to bore our readers, especially the ones who don't have ears. So, have a look!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bug Love Friday

Do I have to share?, originally uploaded by philandsandra.

If you ever hear me making funny noises or asking the same question repeatedly, it's because I'm trying to make Bug do this. I love that animals tilt their heads like we do when they get stumped. Did they get it from us? Or is the other way around?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rodrigo and Gabriela

We fell in love with these guys a while ago and have been waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come to the States, and they are finally on their way! They are unbelievable! If you listen to them without seeing them, you would never believe that it is not an entire band, but only 2 people! They have some great songs and cover some greats like "Wish You Were Here", "Stairway to Heaven", and Metallica's "One."

They will be performing at the Orpheum Theatre in LA on Fri, Sept 25th, so we are recruiting anyone who wants to go with us! Let us know if you want to see them live!

Read their bio here.

Check out one of their more popular songs "Diablo Rojo!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lost, but not found

Someone said to me that we have lost our "photobooth mojo." What is that, you ask? Perhaps it is best explained with the following photos.

Notice how in the first photo, we had successfully crammed 7 adult bodies into the tiny contraption, taking one successful photo after another. Was it easy? No. But where there's a will, there's a freakin' way. That photo was taken in 2005. The photo next to it was taken just a few days ago. Now I will say that my jean size has gone up a size or two since the summer of 2005. But who's hasn't?!?! And therein lies the problem. Believe it or not, the same 7 people are in both photos.


We even failed at our famous switcharoo photo, where a group of us run in and out, having different people in each frame. We did attempt this one again, with success.

If I have gained anything from this experience, it is that I will work hard to lose those 10-15 lbs. Not for my health, not to look good, not even to avoid that awful arm jiggle every time I clap. But I will lose it to better fit into that photobooth next year. Or atleast to avoid any of the blame. Now, that's motivation!

Look back at the last 10 years of photobooth pix.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art 101 is now in session

The Annenberg Space for Photography has a great exhibit featuring "Photos of the Year" for the next couple of months. The space is small, but the location is great and they have these amazing touch-screen tables. So want one!! And if you go on a Sunday, parking is only $1.

In the bathroom, too.

"Your Bright Future" exhibit at LACMA featuring 12 Korean artists. Pretty interesting stuff.

This piece was outside for all the public to enjoy.

Appropriately titled, me thinks.

A Picasso painting, pre-acid trip.

Once again, we escape to the westside for cooler temperatures. Can't wait till winter.

I don't blame them.

As you know, it's hot. It's really really hot. So, when little Abe and his million cousins came into the house, we couldn't blame them. I just wish they took refuge some place other than the kitchen.

Beat the heat!

Last year, Phil and I missed the OC Fair. It's been one of our many traditions to go the fair every year and eat tons of bad food. You know, cuz we eat so healthy the rest of the time (snort). Even though we had a good excuse for skipping it (wedding), we promised ourselves that we'd never miss it again.

The heat in the valley....don't even get me started on the heat. In fact, it was so hot that day, we didn't mind the 2 hours of traffic we hit, trying to get the Orange County. It was 20 degrees cooler, and therefore, totally worth it.

Gotta eat the corn and BBQ beef brisket. And the cornbread, coleslaw, fried twinkies, pizza on a stick, funnel cake, chocolate-dipped bananas, waffle fries, ice cream, kettle corn...

It was such a nice summer night, just walking and talking. And, of course, eating.

The Euroslide. I wonder if the one in Europe is bigger.

You get a great view of the fairgrounds from the top. Forgive the blur, I was out of shape and breath.

I planned on taking photos of everyone as we went down, but Clara and I were left in the dust. It's okay though cuz we were cracking up the entire time. Seriously. Did you ever laugh so hard, that nothing comes out of your mouth and a small part of you is concentrating on NOT peeing? No? Man, you're missing out cuz that's good stuff.

I think I want to go back one more time, just to make up for missing it last year. Anyone interested?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More ear candy...

Emmy- 25, originally uploaded by philandsandra.

Lately, these idle hands of mine have been busy making earrings. And my first customer in a long time was my good friend, KT. She was kind enough to treat me to some yummy Thai food and bought quite a few of my earrings. Some were gifts, but most were for her. As they should be! Josie, from her office, also bought a few pairs from my stash. :) Thank you, Josie!! I kind of felt like the Avon lady.

Check out the rest here.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'll check for leaks...

We love fireworks. Who doesn't, right? But...personally, I don't love them enough to deal with the parking mayhem and all the shoving and pushing of little kids (whose parents don't feel obligated to correct). So, we didn't make any plans to go anywhere. Just to get a peek of some would suffice. Little did we know we had a great view of them from our house!!! My dad knew all these years and never shared this little secret!

My folks chomping away at some watermelon. Look at my dad's face. LOL!

OOoooohh! Aaaaaaah!

Don't these look like giant palm trees?