Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beat the heat!

Last year, Phil and I missed the OC Fair. It's been one of our many traditions to go the fair every year and eat tons of bad food. You know, cuz we eat so healthy the rest of the time (snort). Even though we had a good excuse for skipping it (wedding), we promised ourselves that we'd never miss it again.

The heat in the valley....don't even get me started on the heat. In fact, it was so hot that day, we didn't mind the 2 hours of traffic we hit, trying to get the Orange County. It was 20 degrees cooler, and therefore, totally worth it.

Gotta eat the corn and BBQ beef brisket. And the cornbread, coleslaw, fried twinkies, pizza on a stick, funnel cake, chocolate-dipped bananas, waffle fries, ice cream, kettle corn...

It was such a nice summer night, just walking and talking. And, of course, eating.

The Euroslide. I wonder if the one in Europe is bigger.

You get a great view of the fairgrounds from the top. Forgive the blur, I was out of shape and breath.

I planned on taking photos of everyone as we went down, but Clara and I were left in the dust. It's okay though cuz we were cracking up the entire time. Seriously. Did you ever laugh so hard, that nothing comes out of your mouth and a small part of you is concentrating on NOT peeing? No? Man, you're missing out cuz that's good stuff.

I think I want to go back one more time, just to make up for missing it last year. Anyone interested?

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