Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Muy Caliente!!!

Mother Nature has been merciful until now. So, I'll keep my gripes to a minimum. IT...IS....SO...FLIPPIN..HOT!!! And it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon.

(Whoa. Baby just did some sort of river dance in my belly just now. Nice.)

I'm actually writing about the heat to preface my horribly embarrassing story about how I almost fainted at JoAnn's. Yeah, that's right, the craft super store. So, it all started around 10am yesterday morning. P was still asleep (he was on-call the night before), so I thought I'd run some of my uninteresting errands before he woke up. Plus, I knew it would be hot and thought I should take advantage of the morning cool. I got ready, went here and there...ending up at JoAnn's. Now, yes...I did notice that it was blazing hot. In fact, it was about 90 degrees around 10am to begin with. I guess in my mind, I was so convinced that mornings are supposed to be cool, I just didn't realize it was already hot when I left the house. Talk about mind over matter. So there I am, waiting for the girl to cut my fabric. Suddenly, I get really dizzy...and sweaty...and clammy. For a brief moment I black out. Just for a fraction of a second so I was still standing. I'm thinking....uh-oh. I tell the girl to keep on and that I would be back. While gripping my shopping cart for dear life, I make my way to the restroom somehow. Maybe I needed to have a bowel movement?? Nope...still dizzy. I was shocked at my appearance in the mirror. I was pale, green and kinda transparent. Weird. I sat down at a table and told myself not to panic. But by now, I was getting lots of stares. Did I look that bad? After a few minutes of weighing the consequences, I decided to wake P up and have him pick me up. I much for letting him sleep in.

While I was waiting for P, this one lady and her friend kept staring at me. Pattern book It went on like this for about 5 minutes until she finally came up to me. She asked me about my symptoms and told me to put my legs up and lean back. She even grabbed a rolled up blanket (40% off BTW) and tried to place it behind my head. Darn thing wouldn't stay. Then this old lady offered to give me a ride home. A couple of other ladies came by to ask if I was okay. And that poor fabric girl was walking around with my items looking for me. She, too, asked if I needed anything. Well, it turns out the first lady used to work in an OB office and told me that this was very common during the summer. OMG, I'm thinking, there are other stupid women like me out there. Poor things. She reminded me how my circulation is totally out of whack right now and that I should expect the unexpected from my body from now on. Well-noted, thank you very much. :)

I slowly cooled down and my color was improving, thank goodness. My sweet P showed up with a cold bottle of water and let me lean my head on his shoulder until I was good and ready to leave. As humiliating as this whole ordeal was...I'm kind of glad it happened. See, I've been home for most of my pregnancy. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing how kind and compassionate people can be when you're pregnant. Of course I'm sure these kind strangers would've helped me even if I wasn't. Nevertheless, I've learned my lesson. No more outings in the heat for this pregnant lady.


  1. Whew, glad it wasn't too serious. Take it easy, girl!
    By the way, people are super nice when you're pregnant. Then, they turn into jerks once that baby's out. Can't you see me struggling to push the stroller while holding the door open, asshat?!!?

  2. OMG close call..
    loved this post..there are nice people out there !!..i mean i got emotional reading this i love that all those ladies came to the rescue and helped you out..and im so glad you are okay!!..