Friday, August 6, 2010

Bug Love Friday

We almost lost this little booger yesterday. Well, P thinks he was just exploring the neighborhood and would've come back on his own. But for the few minutes that we couldn't find him last night, I was living a nightmare. I had a doozy of a dog day afternoon to begin with. Honestly, it had to have been a full moon or something. First, the DWP meter guy came and SOMEBODY didn't lock MoMo up. Momo is our guard dog, our I'll-eat-your-face-for-lunch guard dog. So I had to chain him up which isn't fun because he's always trying to get you pet him and sticks his big wet nose all over your arm and hand.

Later, in the afternoon, I decide to let Buggie takecare of business in the backyard WITHOUT a leash. This is something we've been trying as of late and, so far so good. He's been obedient and heads back into the house when we tell him to. But we always close the side gate that allows MoMo access because he and Bug don't get along. Basically, I'm afraid MoMo will eat Bug. Once Bug is done marking and pooing, we always re-open the side gate. Well, I thought Bug had headed towards the house again so I started to re-open the gate, where MoMo was eagerly waiting for me. Little booger Bug had snuck up behind me and gone right up into MoMo's face and started barking his little furry butt off! I was so terrified that MoMo was going to retaliate. I was screaming bloody hell and stomping my feet, trying to get them to go their separate ways. The neighbors must've thought I was crazy. Luckily...nothing happened. MoMo just stared at the little booger like...."you've got to be kidding." And I gave Bug a good spanking when we got back in.

The horrible thing was...all that stomping I did really messed up my pelvis. I was in so much pain for the rest of the day. Each step was filled with shooting daggers. Damn dogs.

Oh, but it doesn't end there. My dad decided to replace all the windows in the house last night. Now, my dad isn't the most patient person and he does things in a flurry, without any thought to anything else that is going on around him. So, of some point, he left one of the doors in the house open. The side gate was also wide open so that he could go back and forth from the garage to the windows. And Bug found his way out eventually. We're not sure how long he was gone. I'm guessing about 15 minutes went by before we realized the house was Bugless. I was screaming his name everywhere....standing on our front lawn, half hysterical from the thought of my little precious Bug, walking this strange neighborhood all by himself. And I know if someone found him, we'd never see him again. Who would give back such an adorable little dog??? I was so panicked and I wanted to murder my dad. The idiot man who left all the doors open because he's too careless and lazy to open them when he needs to. Obviously, we can't leave Bug alone with this idiot man and we definitely won't be leaving Baby with him either!!!

Phil ventured down the street a little, while I stood there...blood pressure rising from thinking the worst. He had spotted Bug sniffing his favorite tree that sits in front of the corner house. I was so relieved to see his little black silhouette running towards his daddy and then, to me. I squeezed him, Lennie-style, and did the whole "don't you ever do that again!!" speech as I smothered him with kisses. I have a feeling that while I'm a the hospital with P, giving birth, my mind will be preoccupied with thoughts that my parents are going to lose Bug. I can see it now.
Idiot man and his wife. Loses little dog while daughter gives birth to their first grandchild. They are going to be the end of me, mark my words.

Buggie is back home and under the covers, with his little tail sticking out. *sigh*

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  1. omg..i know the feeling!! we lost misty for few hours when she snuck out of my parents house..and she had never been outside!!..she would be an easy thanksgiving meal to buncha coyotes!! thank goodness we found her i don't know what i'd do if she was lost for good ..ugh i shutter at the thought!!