Thursday, August 8, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We finally went to a ballgame this year!  Was it an Angel's game?  No.  LOL!!  It was a Dodger game because our good friends are expecting and they decided to throw an awesome baby shower at the game.  They rented out a suite and it was all comfort and fun.  The food was yummy, Dodger dogs and pulled pork sandwiches.  And the dessert cart came by, not that I partook.  Dieting, remember?  I was good.  I think the kids had the most fun of all!  W and A get a long really well and when they get together, it's a giggle fest. It was a little loud and we had to go to First Aid to get N some ear plugs but other than that, the atmosphere was electric.  Did I watch any of the game?  Nope.  It's hard to do anything with 2 kids, let alone watch a baseball game.  We pretty much spent the whole time watching the kids instead.  I love taking the boys to experience new things.  This is just one more thing we can cross off that list!!

The mom-to-be was glowing!  I think the dad-to-be was glowing a little bit, too!  Hopefully, we can squeeze in one more game before the season ends.  And it won't be Dodger game!  I miss my Angels and the red sea of cheering fans.  Hopefully I won't forget to bring ear plugs for N's precious little ears.    

The happy parents-to-be

Just chillin'


I can't hear anything and I love it!

These two can have fun doing absolutely nothing.

They don't look like babies anymore, do they?

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