Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Trails

I can't wait until we can go camping as a family.  Some of my best childhood memories are of camping with friends and family.  Pitching the tent, the smell of charcoal, the crackling fire....all of it.  I daydream about it all the time.  Not only do I blog about my life but I follow many, many blogs as well.  And I noticed that I tend to enjoy the ones of folks who live in the midwest, so close to nature, where their children get to have the great outdoors literally right outside their windows.  I envy that.  How nice it must be to experience all four seasons and hear the sound of gravel under your shoes wherever you go.  Perhaps one day we'll live in a place like that.  

Until then, a hiking we will go!  It's the next best thing and it's a little difficult to do right now with a young baby.  But we got our dusty carrier out and I gotta say, I think N is going to be an Eagle Scout for sure!  He was such a trooper!!  Didn't hear a peep from that little guy the entire time.  He was just staring at the wonderful scenery the entire way!  P had hiked this place before and failed to mention how rocky the terrain would be.  I guess he didn't remember it that way.  But it was a bit of challenge trying to make sure W didn't trip and kill himself!  We had to cross streams and walk on slippery rocks over and over again.  It didn't help that W kept stepping in the stream water on purpose!  Needless to say, I was stressed out the entire time, but it was amazing to see my little man hike the entire way and back!  I live with a bunch of outdoorsmen, apparently.  Awesome!  The reward at the end of trail was a beautiful enclosed waterfall.  W really enjoyed it.  And of course, it's always great to see your kids happy.

Papa was awesome carrying N the whole time on his back.  And he had to help me with W a lot, too.  The map says it's a half mile but...that's bullshit.  I know what a half mile feels like and that was waaaay longer, map!  Way longer!  Well, it was a good workout and I gotta say, it makes me feel like our family can get through some tough stuff when we stick together.   

So adorable, right!?

Still hard to believe we have 2 boys!  Will I ever get used to this sight?

W gets so giddy when we go walking.  

My babies look even smaller amongst these grand trees.

W, your shadow is taking a picture of you!

He was so ready to enjoy the water after that grueling hike.

Um, mommy didn't bring a change of clothes dear.  Sigh.

Isn't this kid awesome?

The road back.

Glorious pudginess at it's best.  

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