Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nom Nom Nom

My mom predicted that baby N would grow up to bigger than W.  I couldn't understand why she thought this.  He was born smaller, first of all.  He was a poor eater for the first few months and he lost a ton of weight when he was jaundiced.  But I guess she saw something in him that I didn't.  Because let me tell you, he's more than a chunky monkey.  He's a gorilla!  A delicious, juicy, squishy, nibblelicious ball of love.  And he is already wearing clothes that W didn't wear until he was a year old.  Yup.  Ya heard me.  And it's not because he eats a lot.  I would say that W was still a better eater at this age.  It's a mystery as to why he just packs it on.  Genetics.  Mama's genetics.  

N finally has teeth!!  Unlike W, this kid was not happy about his new chompers.  Fever, pain, and drool, drool, drool.  But they finally cut through and they are so dang cute!  

Go ahead.  Bite me.

Green beans and broccoli.  Gag
Cookie.  That's much better.  Hmph! 

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