Monday, August 5, 2013


The ONLY good thing about summer in the valley.... time to hit the pool!!!  Well, the summer nights are pretty amazing but we don't go out at night anymore so I don't count that.  My little mermen were loving the water.  Last summer, I was big and pregnant and would stay poolside to watch my ONE son swim.  Fast forward to the present and now BOTH my sons are in the pool.  Isn't that crazy!?!?  One year can bring so much change.  Well, I was still poolside this year and I will probably remain so because...I don't like getting wet.  I'm like a cat.  Independent and hydrophobic.  Besides, who else is going to take the pictures of my adorable swimmers?!  

The weather is mild now but it was insanely hot for a little bit there.  It seems like in Southern California, we don't have Fall or Spring.  Just really long hot Summers and then a brief tease of a Winter.  I wish I could say that we're finally cooling down, but it stays warm, especially where we live, until around November.  When I was little, I remember being cold while Trick or Treating.  Not anymore.  It's a little scary how much our climate has changed in just a couple of decades.  Makes me fear what's in store for my boys.  Makes me regret not buying a hybrid car or recycling more.   Never too late to start, right?  These cuties are worth any and all efforts.

I heard that babies can naturally hold their breath under water until about 8 months of age.  But I was too chicken to try it with N.  I'm too scared to douse water on his face during bath time so I don't know what I was expecting.  Hopefully, these kids learn to swim, unlike myself.  I still have to pinch my nose.  The water just goes up my nose, I promise!!!  It's like I have no stopper!  Perhaps, if W goes to swim school next year, I'll learn right along with him.
Aren't they cute?

Look!!  W is swimming on his own now!
Gotta protect that yummy fair skin.

Doesn't he look so grown up? 

Just give him a rock and clam and he could be a sea otter!

I like swimming, daddy.  

Best buds.  Sigh.  I love this.

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  1. LOVE THE last picture! and blake has the same floaty as wes!