Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Growing Traditions

For the most part, summer sucks.  Yeah, I said it.  I do not do well in the heat at all.  Why I live in Sunny California is beyond me.  Trust me, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't picture myself in a kelly green peacoat, sipping a hot latte as a watch my breath on a cold morning.  Sigh.  A girl can dream, right?  But there is one thing I love about summertime.  It's fair time!!!  I think I've been going with P since 1999. That's when we started dating.  And we've been going every year since.  Last year, it was the three of us.  Me, pregnant with N, and spending most of my time waiting in long lines for the restroom.  Not fun.  Who was pregnant this time around?!  Who cares!?!?!  I wasn't and that's all that matters.  For the first time, we hung out around the kiddy area of the fair.  It's actually quite large and they had a lot of rides and games for W to enjoy.  N is still too little and can't even sit up.  So he was stuck in the stroller once again.  

I love that P and I get to pass along some of the traditions we have to our boys.  There's no possible way they could understand how much love we feel for them and how their happiness is all we care about.  It's like a thirst you can't quench.  I can't hug or kiss them enough and yet, I try all the time.  I don't remember this kind of stuff when I was a child, but my memory is shamefully awful.  One can only hope that all this smothering will linger somewhere in their memories and they'll remember that they were loved.  If not,  I wrote it here! so don't you boys forget how much I love you!!

Note:  I wanted to include the photo booth pics and N's silhouette, but I can't figure out our new scanner.

Look at my baby, watching the pigs.
We didn't see any piglets this year, which is like the best thing ever!!! Such a bummer.

He refused to get closer to the cow.  

It wouldn't be right if A didn't join us!

Photobombed by a juicebox.

W, lovin this obnoxiously loud car ride.

No, we don't know who that passenger is.  His dad just stuck him in the car.

W's first carnival game!!!  How do you play?  You pick up a duck and throw it. Anywhere.

Winner! Winner!  Chicken dinner!

Here he is...apparently not understanding that his turn is over.

Not what I imagined for W's first fishing trip.

He got one!!!!

He picked out a pink pig.  Which he promptly gave to N.

Big brother did it.  Now, it's your turn.

So cute!

Can't believe he wasn't afraid of the butterflies.

Look at the concentration.

Here, he's demonstrating how a butterfly's wings flap open and close.  

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