Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bookworm Central

Last weekend, we went to the Festival Of Books over at UCLA.  First time there.  I know this may sound strange but...I wish there had been more books at this event.  There were a lot of publisher booths and kid stations.  They had a KTLA booth with Stan Chambers and Linette Romero.   We did get a nice deal on some travel books and this Bansky book that I've been eyeing for years.  

Then we headed out to Father's Office in Santa Monica for their "famous" hamburger.  Boy, was that a bust.  In not-so-small print at the bottom of their menu, it says that you may not alter the hamburger in any way.  EXCUSE ME! for wanting my food my way.  I'm only paying for it and all.  Not to mention there were no seats available and most people hadn't even gotten their meals yet.   So, we left.  Maybe next time.  NOT!

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