Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A hiking we will go!

We both took some much needed time off from work. At first, we thought about getting away for a few days....but with the holidays coming up, we decided to give our wallets a rest and find more recession-friendly activities to keep us entertained. P and I aren't the most avid hikers. But we do enjoy ourselves a venture here and then. That giant Station fire wiped out all the trails that we used to hike. Especially our favorite...Switzer Falls. Everytime I pass it on the 210, there's a marquee flashing "No entry to the 2 NORTH" reminding me that the trails are no longer. P's been searching since for a nearby trails that would provide the same beautiful scenery.

And that's when he found Placerita Canyon!

We took the main trail this time...but they have so many others.

Lots of shady trees, like Switzer Falls. We once went hiking on a trail with no shade whatsoever. You couldn't even find a bush tall enough to cool you off if you were laying on your back! It was awful. Shade is a must, folks.

This isn't a two-lane trail you're seeing. On the left is the walking trail, on the right is a dry stream that we're hoping will be up and running by spring.

There were lots of these California Woodpeckers around. The only thing you could hear in these parts was their incessant pecking of wood. This guy is just about to place his acorn in the hole he just made. You can see a bunch of them in the tree already.

The sun was getting low...

Time to head home. But we'll be back!

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