Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bon Appetit!

We started solids!! It's actually been a few weeks but we weren't consistent in the beginning. W just wasn't having it. He hated it. He hates it still but to a lesser degree. It's really strange watching him eat his cereal. You ever watch those animal shows and you see a baby animal being born, trying to walk minutes after birth? It's all so foreign and new and really just plain frustrating to watch. Yet it's so fascinating to witness the progress and finally success!! That's how I feel about feeding W solids. With each little gulp, I feel like celebrating. Not to mention it's incredibly cute! You can see in his eyes that he's not sure what's happening and that it takes intense concentration to do this thing called "eating." He's still not very good at it...but he's a pro at spitting it back out. Most of it just ends up on his bib. This is pretty much how it goes...

"I'm ready for another bite, mommy."

She has no idea what's coming.

Watch this. Kekekeke.

"Mmmm...sooo good."


LOL! She falls for it every time! I'm so funny!

That's my little smartass. Takes after me, of course.

Guess what!? He's got teeth! No wonder he's been biting me! His two front bottom teeth are emerging and they are sharp little suckers. It explains why he's been biting me, sucking his lower lip and making bubbles with his drool. Sigh. I love when there's a reason. I'm sure gonna miss his toothless smiles. A lot.

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