Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To!!

Finally! It's done and over. W's party was a success. Well, that's what I hear anyway. I honestly don't remember very much of it. I was sooooo busy running around setting things up, feeding W, trying to make sure everything is going smoothly, I didn't even get to eat the main course!!! Pasta! My favorite and I didn't get a single bite. Sigh.

Even though my mom and I got there super early, it still took me over an hour to set up. Crazy, right? I wish I could've cloned myself just for one hour. My back is a little achy from all the lifting and packing/unpacking I had to do. And even though I had some help with the setup, I was walking back and forth so much that my feet were killing before the party had even started! Basically, all I could think about during the whole thing was, "Ow, my aching feet!" and "It is so hot in here!"

We didn't take any pictures ourselves (as if I had the time) so I'm extremely glad we hired a photographer. It'll be a while before we get to see any of the photos but hopefully they will post a few of them on their blog. I hope they came out okay and I hope my face isn't all shiny from all the sweat. Who forgot to bring her powder? That would be me.

I knew W would have a hard time with all the attention and people. He gets overwhelmed pretty easily. But he did have plenty of smiles as well, especially when he was crawling around or when he was eating. The big question is...what did he pick for his doljabi? Well, he didn't really. He just stared at the items for a really long time, looked around and starting laughing and crawling over the stuff! LOL!!! He kept doing this and finally we decided to designate the stethoscope as his choice. Not because he grabbed it, but because it was the item he touched the longest. I know, kinda lame and anticlimactic.

Our proudest achievement was having made the photobooth. That's right. We MADE it. We still have a few kinks to work out but for the most part, it's great! Here are a few of my favorite photos...

Aw, my poor little W. He just finished crying. Don't you just love his red Converse and crazy hair? So happy he's my son. Can't wait to take more photobooth pictures with him!

My baby is now a toddler and it's still hard for me to think of him this way. It's been the most incredible year of my life. Nothing compares. I hope one day, he will be able to read this little journal of mine and know just how much we love him. Every one always says "enjoy him when he's this little," and we absolutely have. I already miss his gummy smile, the funny newborn faces he used to make, all his pudginess!, his crying face (so cute!), his crazy hairs, his chuckling when he sleeps... ALL OF IT. Sigh, he's already acting so grown up. Where did my baby boy go?

Well, I know much more fun is ahead of us. I welcome the challenges of raising our little man. Who wants to guess item gets ruined first?! LOL!


  1. i love the pic of joey and my folks...too funny. i don't even think they realize that you got a copy of the pics as well....:)

  2. omg soo funny lov that one photo of the baby girl licking wes photo face..hahahaha so cute!!..will look forward to the photos on shoots blog!