Sunday, January 22, 2012

Party Time!!!

It was a beautiful celebration for a beautiful little girl! We headed to the OC again for A's first birthday. Unlike all other birthday babies (including W), A didn't cry at her party. What a trooper! A's mommy and daddy did a fantastic job, it was so girly and "sweet." Loved it!!!

According to Auntie J, the bakers didn't comply with any of her instructions. Well, they're Korean!!! Of course, they didn't listen!!! Not to knock on my own people, but honestly, we give new meaning to the phrase "selective hearing." But who can tell? The cake was pretty and, more importantly, it was yummy!!

Look at that face. Look at those eyes. Her dad is gonna have a hard time saying no to this one.

Like I said, she's a happy one. I can't remember that last time I was giggly about a spoon. Sigh.

Um, ladies. Focus, please. I know she's cute but we gotta get this picture.

There we go.

This is M, same age as the birthday girl. And suuuuper cute! He and W had a real good man-to-man talk, over some Cheerios and water.

Here's P, cheeks galore! Oh my gosh. It was a struggle to not bite them. She's so makes her daddy worry! LOL!!!

And the most handsomest little boy of all, my W. He was so good! Sigh. I'm so in love.

Awwww....daddies' little girls. Gosh, that's hard to say.

"Dang, guurl, I like your bling!"

"And where did you get those shoes?? I've been looking for a pair just like them!!"

"Hi, how are you?"

"Um....uh....hang on."

"Mooooommy!!!!! She talked to me!!! I don't like girls!!"

"What'd I say?"

Wardrobe change. This was the most gorgeous hambok I've ever seen! A's grandma got it in Korea and was first worn by her 8-year-old cousin. What a nice heirloom, right?

I know, takes your breath away.

What did A choose? Money, money , MONEY!!! Smart girl.

She dabbled with all the objects, but this picture is just to show you how beautiful the embroidery is on her hambok.

Like a bride and her bridesmaids.

Don't look now, Uncle E, but I do believe your daughter is checking my little man out! Hahaha!! Don't be mad, E, she can't resist his "sexy eyes." LOL!!! Someone else's words, not mine. I swear.

I don't know what got into W. Normally he doesn't let anyone hold him. Who are you and what did you do with my son!!!??

Uncle H could not get enough of our cutie. He alternated watching the football game and playing with W. My W is irresistable, I tell ya.

No, seriously, you're just feeling social today, aren't you?

Did you fellas ever think you'd be taking a photo like this?? Your all growns up!

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  1. awwww...adorable babies!!!!!..ugh soo cute i could hardly stand it!..
    what i want to know is..what was out those windows..?!..