Friday, November 23, 2012

Santa, I Hope You're Reading This.

If I could type laying on my side, I'd be very happy right now.  Though people keep telling me I'm small for 8 months, I feel enormous and I can't tell you how many times I've imagined sawing off my own thighs just so they won't push up against my belly.  As I grow increasingly larger and more uncomfortable, I am also getting more and more excited about meeting Jaws.  We can only guess that he's going to look a lot like W but in the recent ultrasounds, he has been covering his face so we can't really know.  We have narrowed our list of possible names and I'm seriously considering leaving up to the good folks on FB to decide for us.  NOT!  Well, I dunno.  Maybe.

As for W, he's been fighting something for the past few days.  It's only a fever on and off...but it's been making him cranky.  Either that or he's finally entering the phase of the Terrible Twos.  Regardless, I worry about how he will handle having to share me and P with another child.  And I'm even more terrified of the day P goes back to work from paternity leave.  I remember being soooo scared of taking of care of W on my own, I didn't sleep for the last week of P's leave.  But it ended up being fine and I got into a rhythm very quickly.  

But this time will be different, right?  TWO KIDS!!!  So, in light of our upcoming addition, I've decided that this will be the only Christmas that W gets spoiled rotten!!!  Until now, he's had a very humble amount of gifts for the holidays.  Even this last birthday, as a family, we kind of disappointed him.  Not that he would notice, given that he's only 2 years old.  LOL!  But still.   So, this holiday season, I want him to have lots of gifts to open and more importantly, lots of DISTRACTIONS for when the baby gets here.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  It's not that I want to spoil him.  Heck, no!  And take it from me, you can spoil a child in many other says other than with material things.  I just really want as much help as I can get from "Santa" so that W has something to play with while I'm nursing and things like that.  As a stay-at-home mom, you get quite desperate and all schools of thought go out the window when you're just trying to stay sane.  I can just hear you other moms out there, nodding your heads, agreeing with me.  

This Christmas will definitely be different, no matter what happens.  All I have on the brains is a healthy baby and a happy older brother.  That's it.  I care little for the holidays.  I care even less for my own birthday, even though it's a kind of a big one.  God, if you can hear me, just please please please let us end this 2012 year with tears of joy.  If all goes well, I can ring in the new year along with the rest of society.  But until then, tick tock tick tock.

He sees the carousel and he can hardly walk fast enough.

So happy he's dancing!!!

Look at that face!  

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