Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Case Scenario

Looks so old now.
If you look closely, you might notice that one of W's teeth is gray.  And he just brushed his teeth in this photo so you know it's not some guck he couldn't lick off.  You'd think it was a stain from eating only kimbap everyday at school!! That's a story for another day.

So, here's what happened.  During Black Friday of last year, we didn't do any shopping.  Not in person anyway.  With two kids, there is no way I was going to subject them to that sort of animalistic gathering.  I won't even go to a professional football game because people just get downright primal at those things.  It's a jungle out there, boys.  People are crazy.  Anyway,  I thought I would be slick and buy some snow gear for the boys because this was the year that we go see real snow.  Not that fake stuff they spit out of a machine.  Un-uhn.  Real.  Fluffy.  Flakey, white snow.  Cyber sales are a mom's best friend.  And let me tell ya, there were some really great deals out there.  So click-click, we were all set to make some snowballs in comfort.  

Of course, this just had to be the worst winter in history!!!  Okay, maybe not history.  But in my history, it sucked balls.  It was like we went straight from autumn to spring.   I have a vacu-seal bag of winter sweaters that I didn't have to take out.  Not only was it not cold,  it hardly rained.  What kills me is that the rest of the country was going through this "polar vortex" that was so freezing, I thought California would have to secede from the U.S. due to weather envy.  It's like we were in this bubble of eternal summer and everyone else was entering the next Ice Age.  Until this one weekend when it was actually kind of cold and rainy, we decide, okay.  Finally!!!  It's now or never.  We're getting ready, washing up and changing our clothes.  I decide to leave the boys in the room while I get our food situation ready.  As soon as I get downstairs, I hear a big thud and crying.  This happens a lot in our house.  W tends to cry about pretty much everything so I wasn't alarmed at first.  But when I saw him sitting there with a mouth full of blood, I froze.  I have no idea what happened and W was in no condition to tell us.  His front top teeth had shifted and his gums would not stop bleeding.  A bunch of this teeth were loose as well.  It was so scary.  After half a box of blood-soaked tissues, we had him clamp down on some more tissue to apply pressure to his teeth.  

This is what I get for procrastinating on taking him to the dentist.  God decided that he needed to MAKE me take him.  Sorry, kid.  Mommy fail.  The next day, we went to this awesome pediatric dentist.  Her office is so much fun, I was sad that she couldn't be my dentist, too.  Like really sad.  As soon as you walk in, they ask you to pick a movie from a list and I picked Polar Express for W.  Until then, W had never seen a movie.  They popped they baby in and he was in train heaven.  So, the movie starts while you still in the waiting room, but then they have these TV monitors above each examination chair so you can continue to watch as she works!  How awesome, right?! This dentist is awesome!  Her office is awesome! And W was awesome!  He did not care one bit that she was poking and prodding in his mouth.  He was more like, "get out of my way, you're blocking the TV."   I was such a proud mama.  She even got him to stop his finger sucking.  She promised him a big toy if he didn't suck his finger for 5 days until his next visit.  Guess what?  He totally stopped.  And not just for 5 days.  It's been a while now.  I do see him do it in his sleep sometimes so we might have to revisit the dentist again.  You know, to seal the deal.  

The sleuth in me came to the conclusion that he was running away from N and climbing on the bed. He must've slipped off the side and landed on his teeth because there are two rabbit teeth indentations that match his.  Chills in your butt, right?  Poor guy went WWE on himself and lost.  Sigh.  What happened to his teeth?  Luckily, he didn't lose them nor did any have to come out by force.  The dentist said the best case scenario would be that his tooth would turn gray first, and then yellow.  But that that would never be white again.  So, that's what you're looking at.  The best case scenario.  A little gray and on it's way to yellow.  

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  1. yay! so glad he got to keep his tooth..dr susie rocks right?! i love her too