Monday, August 10, 2009


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Vancouver was great! It was busy with tourists just like us. And it's not even time for the winter Olympics yet! Btw, if you're going this winter, it's going to be amazing. Vancouver has something for everybody, no joke. We did a lot of walking. A LOT A LOT. My feet are still buzzing. We took advantage of public transportation as much as we could. And can I just say, damn those Vancouverites are fit! The only chubby folk there were us tourists! We ate lots, slept in for the most part and shopped. By the time we returned to the hotel, we were pooped. After reading a few pages of Harry Potter, I would pass out. And I rarely pass out.

In the morning, I'd slowly wake up, rested and refreshed from sleeping on the Heavenly Bed. But something was missing. Something to make my wake-up ritual complete. Did I stretch? Yup, did that. Did I do my rapid eye-blinking to clear any eye boogers? Yeah, can't help that. Yawned and sneezed. Check. What did I miss?! Oh no!!! I didn't get my morning kiss from Bug! Every morning he waits for daybreak like a rooster and jumps on the bed. Crawls slowly towards my face and licks me twice. Sometimes it means he's gotta go number 1 and 2....bad. But usually he's just happy it's morning and that there's still someone home to play with.

*sniff sniff*

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  1. i know how you feel! but that week, your loss was our gain... we got to have bug for that glorious week.... bug!!