Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keep walkin'..we ain't there yet.

Rice Canyon...better than we expected. The weather was perfect and there was lots of my favorite stuff....shade! It was a bit chilly so any sun exposure was more than welcomed. I thought we were going the spend Thanksgiving weekend doing our lazy thing...sleeping and watching tv. Don't get me wrong...that's not a complaint. But it was so great to get out and greet Mother Nature. You have the best conversations with yourself out there. No phone calls, no commercials, no visitors. Just you and dirt below.

Poor Buggie had to jump hurdles to get anywhere. The grass was taller than him!

The final ascent. I almost died here. I'll admit this only because I trust you to keep any fat jokes to yourself...but I stopped ever 3 feet from exhaustion. How sad am I?

The broken oak tree...the trail ends here. Or atleast that's what my knees said.

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