Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let there be peace...and lights!

And the grand prize for most creative Christmas lights goes to this house. We saw it on the news a couple of weeks ago and thought...that's soooo cool!! It's in Santa Clarita and totally worth the drive. If you tune into the radio station advertised in front of the house, you can hear the music the coincide with the guitar hero light show. So much fun!!!

Wakefield Court...what a magical place this is. The line of cars waiting to get into this neighborhood was ridiculous!

Community....a lost concept to most. But here, they make it work. Very inspirational.

Bug was very popular in his winter coat.

Where do people find these cute lawn decorations?

Looks like gumdrops! Lots of yummy, little gumdrops!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! And may we all have a blessed new year!

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