Monday, May 3, 2010

We are experiencing a little turbulence.

It's been a long time since we've gone hiking and it felt so good to be out with Mother Nature. It seems most weekends I feel gross, weighed d0wn and exhausted. Basically, I feel pregnant. But I think my body, maybe even Baby, was in dire need of some fresh air because Sunday afternoon, I was itching to get up and use my legs.

We headed over to Placerita Canyon again and trekked the Hillside Trail. It's short, slightly uphill and loops around so you don't have to double back when you're done. Very nice. I had to stop quite a few times (and I thought I was out of shape before the baby!) There was ample shade and the air was cool. There was a set of stairs we had to go down and I had to take them very slowly because my belly was bouncing up and down with each step! It was hilarious. I kept wondering what it was like for Baby. It's probably like laying on a waterbed, while someone else is jumping up and down on it. I'm guessing the experience was a little bit of a shocker because Baby was real quiet for a while afterwards. And he's usually moving and kicking all day long.

Every time I sat down to cool myself, I kept thinking about how brutal this summer was going to be. I don't like summer heat to begin with. Imagine being 20-30 lbs heavier!! Does anyone know where I can get those spray fans? I'm so gonna need it. I can just see myself, laying there like a beached whale, waiting for the tide to sweep over me. It's not a pretty vision.


  1. I saw the spray fans at toy's r us yesterday! haha

  2. oh girly..i see your bump!!..i've been trying to show off mine..but noone seems to notice..:( hiking is def a good probably enjoyed it too!! the picture..!..

  3. sandy you look so cute....

  4. I've climbed the Great Wall in Birkenstocks when I was 5 months pregnant. Can you believe it?? ^^ Don't think I could ever do it again. Take care.