Monday, December 20, 2010

100 Large!

Why do Koreans celebrate a baby's 100th day of life? Because back in the day...waaaaay back in the day, many babies never made it to this landmark in time. Perhaps it was before hospitals or advanced medicine existed. Maybe it was the poor nutrition and poverty. I'm always being told by my parents how people were so poor and never had meat to eat, so I should lick my plate clean whenever possible. Whatever the reason, when a baby lived for 100 days, it was a reason to celebrate. Obviously, I would use any excuse to celebrate W. If I could throw a party for every cute thing he did, it would be Mardi Gras 24/7 at my house. Without the boob flashing, of course.

P's mom was in charge of organizing the whole thing. And she did a fabulous job! We had a great family gathering at Uncle E's house for a delicious lunch buffet. She really outdid herself.
It was also really nice to see the family since we missed out on the annual Hahn Thanksgiving feast.

Everything looked so good and so pretty! Thank you, Grandma!!

This is W's OTHER great grandparent. Can you believe it?! He has two! So lucky :)

Both grandmas looked very happy.

Gettin some giggles in before his nap.

All this partying can really wear you out. Isn't he precious?

Man of the hour. Looking so serious.

Auntie C was lovin his H & M outfit. She buys clothes for W from there all the time!

I think he had a good time. Keke.

Oh hello.

I know...what the heck are they doing at the party!? We all took turns being Kristen Stewart. It was hilarious! I suggested they take this cardboard of fun to the next wedding they attend. I think it'll be a hit!

This is my favorite! Notice she has four hands. LOL!! LOVE IT!

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  1. hahahaha i almost died laughing..those are some hilarious shots..u should've put W there too..and use it for later in case you gotta get him to listen to you..hahahah..hilarious hilarious..