Wednesday, February 16, 2011

La Bete Noir

W started sleeping on his tummy recently and it's been interesting. I'm getting used to the idea that he probably won't suffocate but you know how it goes. The second you put your defenses down is when it all goes to hell. So I'm still sleeping with one eye open, which is always glued to the all-too-bright monitor on my nightstand.

Last night...he woke a little earlier than he should've for his next feeding and starting moving around in the crib. Poor guy had his head right up again the crib and it was upsetting him. So I go in to move him and what do I hear? Beyonce. Beyonce and her damn "single ladies" anthem. I'm thinking that I'm dreaming. But no. Somebody (me) accidentally pushed one of the alarm buttons on the iHome and I guess it was set to midnight or something by default. So poor W was in sweet lala land when all of a sudden he's being woken by a clapping diva belting it out. He must've been traumatized because he woke up quite a few times last night after that. Not cool.

1 comment:

  1. That's like one of Eggy's favorite songs. She calls it the "uh oh" song. I shall make a special post in W's honor of Eggy dancing to Beyonce. Maybe it will be therapeutic for him.