Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

We went to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I thought it would be a nice, mellow activity to do as a family. Boy! was I wrong! This place was so crazy busy!! It was also blazing hot if you weren't in the shade. Ugh. My mistake was going to pumpkin patch that had a carnival like atmosphere. You know, the ones with rides and games. Next time, it'll be a just a regular pumpkin patch with pumpkins ONLY.

Regardless, I'm glad we went. W was so cute surrounded by all that squash!

At first, he was seat is really uncomfortable.

I found a better spot for his cushy little tushy.

Soon, he was lovin' it! Did Airplane and everything!

Yes, you're awesome!

Choo choo!!! Too bad we didn't have 2 other friends to be on the train with him.

Not sure why he was clapping but he was really enjoying himself.

Look at these giant pumpkins~! Do you know how much baby food I could make with just one of these?!

I originally wanted to get a couple of pumpkins to carve. But the heat and crowd drained me of all my energy and the thought of cleaning out pumpkins changed my mind. Besides, my little pumpkin is all I need.

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