Friday, November 11, 2011

Poor Baby

My poor little W is sick. There were a couple of false alarms in the past (hey, I'm new at this, okay?) but this time, he's actually sick. How do I know? Because I pulled out about a pound of snot from his nose this morning :(

This is the sunniest room in the house, and even then it is still pretty chilly in there.



It's so cute when he sneezes because he knows we're going to say "Bless You!" So now, whenever he sneezes, he immediately looks at us..and waits for us to say it before going about his business again.

It's actually good that he caught a cold. He can build up that immunity finally. It's pretty crazy that he's been virus free up until now. I guess when you eat well and sleep well, you stay well.

The room eventually got warmer with the sun shining through. Look at my little man drinking his milk. So cute!

If only I could teach him to place the cup back down nicely instead of tossing it aside like a piece of trash.

He's looking at himself in the mirror, thinking, "damn, even sick, I look good!" Sick but still in good spirits. What a trooper!

If you have time, watch this video of him dancing...

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  1. omg!
    that was some move!! audreys got a few moves of her own..but not as fancy as wes's moves..hahaha so funny totally made me lol!