Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yada Yada Yada

The holidays are zipping by this year. Last year, it was W's first Thanksgiving and Christmas. I felt so unprepared. This year was supposed to be different. But of course, it wasn't. We didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving because P was on call and worked both Thursday and Friday. No Black Friday shopping. No carving of the big bird. I did, however, make these killer Thanksgiving sandwiches. I think I've started a new tradition!

Now that W's birthday has passed and we no longer have to stay up latepreparingfor it, we've finally started to focus on finishing the house again. The most exciting addition will be .... are you ready? Bookshelves!!! I'm so excited! I miss my books!!! Poor guys have been stuck in boxes for years and they'll finally be free! Once we stain and seal the shelves, that is.

As for W, he's still cute as hell. Tee hee. He's been babbling a lot, pointing at things, shouting at strangers, and still dancing. His favorite thing to do lately is hanging out in parking lots saying "Cah! Cah!" while pointing to all the cars, moving or parked. He also spends a good portion of his day moving his arms around while saying "Round-round. Round-round." The boy loves his ceiling fans. He'll grab out hands and put on the remote to make us turn the fans on. In fact, he's been grabbing our hands and instructing us to do all sorts of things. He's becoming quite bossy, actually.

Though his progress with walking is slow, his vocabulary is ever expanding. Perhaps, he takes after his mama. He makes all sorts of animal sounds...elephant, tiger, lion, owl, dog, cat, cow, etc. We're working on naming body parts, but I have a feeling he'll be naming different types of food first. Remember how we had a "cookie" problem? Well, that's gone now. In fact, I tried to get him to say it again the other day. The word "cookie" has officially been erased from his vocabulary. Shame, isn't it? He has a new word, though. Banana. Actually, it's "uh-na-na." I can't go through the produce department without having him shouting "uh-na-na!! uh-na-na!!" I keep the bananas on the counter in the kitchen and have to strategically go the long way around when I'm carrying him so that he doesn't see them.

Oh! and he shoots Bug. Bug doesn't play dead, but this doesn't seem to bother W. He still fires away whenever he sees him. And as if Bug doesn't have enough to worry about, W has decided to hand feed him his food. So, now he hangs out next to the dog bowl, grabbing dog food from the bowl and holding it out for Bug to devour. Sweet, right?
Try explaining this to the dog. He hates W more than ever. Sigh.

But wait. The biggest news that I'm so excited to share is that I am nursing...NO MORE! It was sudden and took me totally by surprise. We decided to drop the middle feeding... hoping to wean him. Shortly after, one night, he decided he wasn't in the mood for a night cap. It's gotta be a fluke. The next morning...nothing..nada...didn't want it. This can't be happening. Did I just get dumped??

I was happy at first. But then I began to feel really sad. This was our "thing." Our bond. Our unique connection from the moment he was born! And out of no where, he pulls the rug right out from under me!! No good bye hug. No thank you card. Instead, he pulls dead weight, slides off my lap and crawls to his toys. Sigh. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is what I wanted after all. My freedom back. Still. I miss it. There's nothing more precious and special. There really isn't.

I guess I better get used to this slow yet palpable display of independence. He's becoming more and more "little boy" and less like my baby boy :( Doing things like eating with a spoon and pointing to his crib when he's tired. Oh, the heartache. I find myself hugging (more like squeezing) him more and more every day. It's my feeble attempt to hold on to the baby that is no more. I know I should be focusing on making sure he grows up to be a well-rounded individual and, more importantly, an independent who can take care of himself. Sometimes I wish I could just leave all that sort of parental rearing to P. I just want to be the one that always has time to play hide'n'seek and has fresh cookies baking in the oven.

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