Monday, October 1, 2012

Party Animal

W is now 2!!!  When, oh when! did this happen?!  My little baby is growing up too quickly.  Too quick for me to keep up and I'm afraid I'm going to feel this way from now on.  In just a few short months, we'll have an addition to our family and our attention will have to be rationed between our two boys.  I hope W adjusts to this okay, though I wouldn't blame him if he was jealous.  We smother the crap out of that kid.  Especially me.  I can't help myself!!  Have you seen him?!  He's so squeezable and kissable!  I was helpless against his charms.  

Sigh.  Alas, he is a man now.  A 2-year-old man.  I love celebrating the day he was born so much that we did it 3 times!!  I prepped by singing Happy Birthday To You to  him a lot beforehand.  And wouldn't ya know, he loves to sing that song now!!  Of course his version is "Happy to you" over and over again.  And he spits more than he wet birthday cake.  

Here's celebration #1, with sweet little I.  She's also two now.  You can see W singing along with everyone.

He's really belting it out.

LOL!!  Happy to yoooooouuuu!

Chocolate ganache with raspberry filling.  Need I say more?

Thanks Auntie K for letting us have a party at your place!

Celebration #2 with longtime playdate buddy, A.  Notice the shorter do my son is rockin.  Took 3 days to cut.  Don't ask.

Courtesy of Auntie S!  Here's the video of W singing!

Singing to A.  

W didn't even notice the camera.

Too busy stuffing his face.


And finally celebration #3.  This was was with family and he was so excited to see so many familiar faces.  We did a combo celebration with Grandpa, seeing as how their birthdays are only a day apart.  

Showing off his FreshBeat Band moves.  

Now everybody!

Haaaaappppeeee Toooo Yooouuu!!!

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