Saturday, January 12, 2013

The More The Merrier

It could be that I'm utterly delirious from the complete lack of sleep.  But I'm pretty sure that my happiness is real.  It's true.  I'm really happy.  I look at my little baby's peaceful  little face and I melt.   I see how much W loves his little brother (or as he says "little budder") and I melt some more.  Then I see how happy and in love my husband is with his sons and it's hard to believe that life can get better than this.  

It's already been 4 weeks since N joined us.  I swear, it feels like I just gave birth to him.  Recovery is taking longer this time around, which is probably due to the fact that I don't get as much rest with a toddler running around.  And while I'm so excited about our new addition, I am drained of any energy and find myself being... cranky.  I mean, I will bite your head off.  Just ask P.  Cranky pants.  Crank momster.  That's me these days.  I can't wait for the days when the boys are old enough to play with each other and be each other's best friend.  Then maybe I can get some sleep!!!

Mufasa and Cimba.

Do the boys look alike?  Well, they have the same ears, chin and hair.  But that's as far as I can tell.  And the funny thing about N is that he's really red.  It's getting better but when he was jaundiced, well, yellow and red make orange, right?  So he was orange for a while and now that the jaundice is going away, he's just red.  I read on a forum that Mexican babies are red for weeks.  Ummm ... I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any Mexican blood.  My mom's theory is that really red babies usually end up being really fair-skinned.  I honestly don't know where she gets this stuff.  I always think that it must be a magical world she lives in.

Can't tell you how happy W was when I he got to hold his baby brother.  Now he wants to hold him all the time.

One of my favorite pictures.

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  1. boys are so precious together..that is so sweet wes loves his baby brother!!!