Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweet Child Of Mine

Let the toddler activities begin!  Loves the water beads!!

It's been a few weeks now of just me and the boys while P is at work.  It's hard and tiring.  But it's only hard because I'm tired, does that make sense?  To be completely honest, it's not so bad.  Especially since my mom comes by a few times a week in the afternoon to help out with the baby.  This allows me to take a short nap with W, which is sooooo important.  Of course, I love snuggling with my boy, too.  The truth is, W makes it easier than it should be.  Saying this may bite me in the ass later, but he no longer throws fits and seems to have mellowed out quite a bit.  He was pretty mellow to begin with so you can imagine, it's been pretty nice.  I can reason with him and he understands that most of the time, he'll get what he wants if he waits.  The best part is watching him interact with his baby brother.  He's crazy about him.  He's always running over to kiss him and hug him.  And he loves to climb up on the side of the crib to see him.  Once, N was crying and W dropped his toys and ran upstairs.  I snuck up behind him and watched him look into the crib and say, "Are you ok, baby?  Go to sleep, baby!  Don't cry."  I was a puddle.  Sooo sweet!  And he's always wanting to pick him up, putting his arms around the baby, saying "Want baby?  Take baby out?"  In the morning, after a snuggle and a few books, we head downstairs.  I always say that we have to wait so I can get the baby and he comes marching in behind me into the baby room and says, "Come on, N!  Let's go!" and heads to the stairs.  Such a big brother already.

This isn't to say that W doesn't have his moments.  Sometimes I feel like he's jealous of the attention we give N.  Though I'll admit that N gets neglected quite a bit.  If he is ever jealous, he never takes it out on the baby, thank goodness.    I try to give W a lot of attention and teach him that he's responsible for N as well.  Sometimes he gets so happy around N that he doesn't know his own strength.  I swear N looks a little scared when he sees W coming.  But it could just be my imagination. 

When the weather finally warms up, we'll be able to take this messy activity outside!! 
I'm going to enjoy this brotherly love as much as I can because I know any day now, it could all change.  And I know it won't be long before they are fighting over toys and hitting each other.  Not sure how I'll handle that, especially since I'm an only child.  I have very little tolerance for whiny kids so I can imagine myself being quite militant.  I know.  I know.  Shocker.

Perhaps I should take one of these photos and frame it for the boys to see everyday.  That way when they're not getting along, they'll be reminded there was once a time when they loved each other.  I have always wanted an older brother.  ALWAYS.  So, it fills me with so much joy to know that N has an awesome one.

Love N's nonchalance.

I'm so over this.  

Great.  He's a hugger.  Sigh.

Really, how can I complain?  I get to hang out with these two handsome fellers all day.  What do you think? Do they look alike?  

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