Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It's N's birthday today. He's 3 now.  What is it about turning 3 that makes a parent feel like it's the end of the beginning?  Because I felt this way when W turned 3 as well.  Perhaps because they are preschool age.  Or maybe because diapers will soon be a thing of the past if they aren't already.  I think for me, saying he's 2 wasn't any different than saying he's a baby.  You can't just let go of "baby" on their first birthday.  Way too soon.  So you get this grace period of a second year where you get have an "advanced" baby, shall we call it.  But 3 is....well, 3 is the end.   The end of "baby." It's when you have to start shopping in a whole different size category for clothes. 0-24 months? NOPE.

 At midnight, I snuck into his room and watched his sweet, peaceful face as he slept.  He's sooo pretty when he sleeps.  His lashes do this thing where they curl at the far ends.  Almost like they are curtsying or something.  His teeny tiny lips are smaller than the his nose and make this sideways diamond that I'm just too drawn to.  His hair is doing all sort of craziness and of course he's laying on his back due his low tone.  But I think it's God's way of allowing us to look at this perfect babyface whenever we want.

 We had a party.  A train party.  It's what he wanted afterall.  Of course, he decided to develop this opinion a little over a week before his birthday.  Little guy was walking around telling family during Thanksgiving that he was going to have a train party.   HUH?  I thought you didn't care what kind of party you were having.  I had all these images of different themes on the laptop and asked him to choose.  He would just walk away the way I do when I see someone with a clipboard.  So, I thought...okay, let's do a Tonka party.  He loves dump trucks so it's perfect.  Yes, he loves trains more, but if I could avoid another train oriented activity, then that's what I was gonna do.  I ordered all the decorations and favors from a handful of vendors.  Ordered a custom cake and bought the toppers (which are still sitting in the garage).  It was good to go.  Then BAM!  Just kidding.  I do give a damn afterall.  Trains, please.

 Sigh, so Thanksgiving night, I'm scrambling on the internet to find any and all train related party items.  But here's the kicker.  He's not that into Thomas the Tank Engine anymore.  No where near as obsessed as W was about him.  So, it had to be a generic train party.  Awesome.  Because everything is Thomas.  EVERYTHING!!!  After many headache-inducing attempts to integrate trains into the Tonka party, I decide to just can the  Tonka theme and go all train.  Why is she going on and on about this switcharoo party? Because I can. And because it's funny. That my little nonchalant, too cool for school, leave me alone 2 year old never really voiced an opinion or preference like he did about his train party. So, it was mission impossible but I was gonna die trying.

 Anyhoo, he got his way. What can I say? I'd move mountains for that kid.

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