Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Indeed!!

2011 is gonna be an interesting one. With so many babies around, it's going to be a year of many firsts. I'm so excited! W has only been on this earth for a few months and already he has experienced his first Thanksgiving, Christmas and now New Year's! We missed Auntie C this year, but at least we got to see her for Christmas!

It will be a year of many firsts for P and I as well. Hopefully, at some point, we will have our own home. And I hope to start a new career as well. Both of these endeavors will be taxing on us emotionally and physically, I'm sure. But it's time we got our acts together. Now that we have W, I feel this strange desperation to do better. I think they call it...ambition. LOL!! Finally, the push I've always needed to go for my dreams! All it took was a baby to get it. Thanks, W. Mummy loves you.

We spent the afternoon at Uncle E's house. We did the traditional bowing to family members, past and present.

Even W bowed...with a little help from grandma, of course. Yes, that's me with my head turned. I HAD to see it for myself!

W is the youngest, so he bowed last. Look...he put his arms down!!

OMG. Look at him grip at that money envelope!

Two hands!!! LOL!! Where did he learn that?!!

Last, but not least, a bow to the cousins. Gotta pay your respects, my son.

Check it. Great grandpa, chattin' on the phone...mid-ceremony, in his leisure suit. LOVE IT!


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  1. what a lovely set of photos!! brought smiles to my face!..
    Audrey did her first sae bae too which looked very similar to Wes' lol..but she didn't know to grab the envelop..i think Wes is super advanced for his age!...btw where is Ps cute grandma?