Friday, January 7, 2011

Thumb War

He found his thumbs!!!! For weeks he's been sticking those pudgy little hands in his mouth...trying so hard to find that perfect finger to suck on. Then it happened one day...he was in thumb sucking heaven! I know it's a bad habit and it's gonna be a hard to break later on....but I have to has been so nice having him soothe himself. It's a lot easier than listening to him cry himself to exhaustion.

There aren't many things I'm willing to deal with later on, like sleep training or getting him on a feeding schedule. As you know...I've been working on those for quite some time now. But I'm not about to take away his thumbs, our newfound resolve to so many back and wristbreaking moments. No seriously, I'm wearing a wrist guard as we speak. I lost feeling in my fingertips, which I am told is a sign of carpal tunnel. And there's an actual medical condition called "mommy thumb" which is just as bad. With all the breastfeeding/burping and toy holding and diaper changing, it gets to be a bit much for those little joints which we normally take for granted. I miss knitting...a lot. So I'm doing my best to get these wrists of mine back in action.

W started "razzing" recently. I thought he had lost his voice and could no longer speak his normal baby coos. You see, there was a particularly rough night where we let W cry....a lot! And the next morning, he had lost his voice. It was so heartbreaking. Even when he giggled or spoke to us after that, he had a very raspy voice. Super cute, but super sad at the same time. Then he started making this funny sound from the back of his throat. I just assumed it was because he had lost his voice...but it turns out it's just the next phase in a baby's development. Phew. His voice is back, I'm happy to say. Now he does a wonderful mix of coos and razzes. He's quite talkative when he's at home. No one believes me, of course, because he just clams up whenever there is company around. Already, he's making mommy out to be a liar.

What else is new?

1. Good news: I think the hairs on W's bald spot are finally growing. Bad news: He's starting to lose his side hairs :(

2. He sleeps unswaddled for the most part. Small things like that make my life so much easier.

3. He noticed Bug! Gave him the stinkeye...but still, he noticed him!

4. He sings when I sing :)

5. He's got eczema...all over his body!

6. He's officially double his birth weight. THREE MONTHS EARLY!!! Sigh.

7. He loves his crib. Kind of like the way his daddy loves his bed. He'll just stare at the crib and start giggling and smiling. Weirdo.

8. He can hold a rattle...but I don't think he knows he's doing it.

9. According to P, he can wave hello when you wave at him. (I have serious doubts about this)

10. He squeals when he's really happy and talkative. Makes me so happy!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of other things. But these are the ones that stick out in my mind (which is not functioning at full speed yet...). Right now, I'm just waiting for his 4-month wakeful period to begin. From what I'm reading, it really only affects those with babies who have been sleeping through the night. Which we all know W is not doing. How do we know this...because if he were, I'D BE SHOUTING FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!! Oh, I dream of the day. So maybe I won't lose any more sleep than I already am. I should be sleeping now but W is crying. Thumbs, don't fail me now.


  1. ah....such a cute photo of wes....i love it!

  2. awww ic an't wait till audrey finds her thumb!!!..audrey is losing some hair on the sides too..its okay they'll all grow it back ..!!