Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where's that easy button!!?!

Oh! MY GOSH!! Have you heard of the 4-month wakeful period? No? Just come over and you'll know. W does not sleep well to begin with, so this wakeful thing is really taking its toll on me. I tried putting him on a 3.5 hour feeding schedule but it isn't working out too great. In the afternoon, it all falls apart because this is when W decides to find the world(and us) really interesting. He just doesn't want to sleep! And I know he's tired because though he wants to stay awake...he's also cranky about it. And then when you put him to bed...he "resets" himself and becomes all smiles again! You can't turn the lights out on him when he's like that! This is the good stuff, folks and I'm not about to miss it. So we chat and laugh and smile at each other for another 20-30 minutes until he gets sick of it and starts to cry again. Every time I feed him during the night, he looks up at me and says..."So, what's up, mom? Can we play now?" Sigh.

And though crying it out has worked in some hasn't worked good enough. I don't know if it's just a shitty theory, or if W is just THAT stubborn. Either way, it sucks to listen to him cry like that. He's wailing his little lungs out as I type. :( Help.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure he's teething. It's the early stages of it cuz he's not drooling at a disgusting rate yet. But he is drooling. And instead of sucking on my finger, he just kinda gnaws at it. Same with the bottle. He won't take the bottle anymore!!! He just chews at it and doesn't like that milk is coming out of it. Oh the sadness! That means P can't feed him and I can't go anywhere by myself anymore. And not like...clothes shopping for me or anything like that. I'm talking about simple things like going to the grocery store without worrying that the freezer section is making my baby cold. And if you're anything like me, you just can't shop while with other people. I always feel so rushed and that's no fun!

Awwww...he found his thumb, thank God. Silence is golden.

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  1. he looks so good! his skin is glowing. 4 months old agrees with him.