Monday, July 18, 2011

My Water Baby

I wasn't sure how he'd handle the water. I have photos of me as a baby, crying my eyes out at the beach when my mom took me in the water. To this day, I don't like being in the water. I don't hate it, but .... I could name a couple hundred other things I'd rather do first, know what I mean? So, I was really surprised to see W having such a great time :) P was real good about warming him up to the water. Eventually, we ended up with a happy water baby!

I bought this floaty thing at Babies R Us. Cute, right? But sooo poorly designed. All the air is in the front if the baby leans back at all, he'd probably flip over!!

Here's our solution. I hope W riding in the back seat of the police car isn't indicative of future events.

He was totally fascinated by this group cannonball. One day, my son. One day.

P was showing him how to splash in the pool.

Am I doing it right, dad? LOL!!

And he just kept splashing and splashing...

Until he was totally drenched!!

When can we come back, mommy?

Sigh. Look at that face.


  1. I love it! Okay, you totally need to come over. Our community pool is so kid friendly although yours is a lot less crowded. Ask J; baby M had so much fun.

  2. i love that last picture of him...soooo precious! im so happy i got to see him today and Audrey had a blast!!..thanks for having us! lets do it again soon!