Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shut The Front Door!

Lunges. I do a lot of lunges. W is constantly trying to crawl away from me and I spend my day chasing him, picking him up and repeating this process until it's time for his nap. I love how happy he gets because he can get around on his own now. He gets this huge grin on his face when he's on the move, leaving a trail of drool behind. Love it!

You know who doesn't love it? Bug. Poor Bug. For some odd reason, W keeps crawling to Bug's doggie bowl and it's really stressing the poor dog out. He eats like 5 times a day now! He's so paranoid that W is going to eat his food, he just starts stuffing his face even though he's not hungry!! Any solutions? Is our dog going to blimp out? I'll keep you posted. Even though it drives Bug nuts, I love watching the baby crawl there. He knows he's not supposed to so he tries real hard to get there fast and sometimes, he beats me. I'll admit it. He's dipped his little fingers in Bug's water bowl quite a few times.

He loves trekking over from his room into ours. And when P is in the bathroom, W turbo crawls. Then he just watches his daddy get ready for work.

I hope I have as much hair as you do, daddy.

Help!! The baby is coming towards me with a mouth full of drool!!!

Yes, you may use that sock to wipe your face. In fact, please do.

I shall climb and conquer this mountain of mommy! (pls ignore laundry in the background)


It's a little scary now because W keeps pulling himself up to stand. Most of the time, he can sit back down on his own. But sometimes, he just gets this blank stare going and then he'll let go of whatever is holding him up and CRASH!! And as we all know, his noggin is not little. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Poor guy. That reminds me, gotta buy some pillows to put around the house.

My hands have been busy, trying to make as much as I can for his birthday. Don't worry, I'm not going overboard. It's just that I want W to have a great party and if my two hands can make that happen, I'm going to do it. Besides...I love making stuff. All kinds of stuff! So this is right up my alley. We splurged on the photographer but that's about it. Everything is made with paper and glue. LOL! My only regret is not having started this much earlier. I wanted a themed party at first. And I thought Star Wars, baby!!! It's perfect!! P's a huge fan and this would be such the "circle of life" type of thing, but W is too young to appreciate it, so it'll have to wait. These awesome cookies will have to wait as well.

OMG, only two more months!!! Ahhhh!! Where's that glue gun?!

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  1. hahaha.."turbo crawl" i know what that looks like..sooo cute..!
    who are you using for the photographer?