Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bug Love Friday...oh wait, he's not here

That's right.  Our little Buggie is with Auntie Clara and Uncle Stevie.  We miss him so much.  Every chipmunk we saw, every fish we caught and every meal we ate made us think, "Bug would be all over that!"  But he'll be back home tomorrow.  I hope he didn't forget us.  

For our almost last fishing venture, we hit up our favorite Mammoth lake, Lake George.  That's Jorge for all you Spanish speaking folk.  We had the same cold, cloudy conditions, but whatevs.  The fish don't care, so why should we, right?

Okay, so I cared a little.  Look how cold I am!  But I layered and I caught fish, so no complaints here.  This little area we were in had a lot of trout because the lake empties into a little river right behind me.  The only problem was I kept getting my line tangled or my worms hooked onto stupid logs in the water.  Stupid, stupid logs!!  I ALMOST gave up.  I almost pulled a "I'll be in the car" bit.  But Phil was very patient and kept me going.  And I caught a couple of fish!!
I even caught one with a net!!  

We took these 5 home to me mum and dad.  

Remember how I said Lake George was our "almost" last fishing venture.  Well, that's because we impulsively decided to drive to Owens River on the way home.  It's so crazy because from the 395, all you see is flat grassland and then the mountain range. Nothing else.  And in this flatness, are these amazing lakes and rivers that you can't see from the main road!  You know all those little dirt side roads that you pass by, going 80mph, thinking "I wonder where that leads?"  Well, it leads to places like Owens River.  Totally worth the detour.

Need I say more?

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  1. Hey Sandra, Pete forwarded me your blog. Your pictures look amazing. I particularly love your Lake George pic. Very beautiful. Looks like an amazing painting. Very inspirational.