Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shall we swim or fly?

Here we are in Mammoth Lakes!  One of our favorite places to go when we want to get away from ...everything.  

Our trip had a harry start, to say the least.  We pulled over in Lancaster (like we always do for food and gas) and basically spent the next 5 hours there.  The car wouldn't start after we filled it with gas.  It just died!  Thank goodness we have AAA.  And doubly thank goodness a Honda dealer was less than a mile away.  What was the problem, you ask?  Debris.  Freakin debris!!!  Apparently, the filters in my car were so dirty, that they could no longer filter out crap.  And this crap, this unforgiving crap, messed with the throttle = dead car.  New filters = working car. :)

We finally made our departure from Lancaster around 5pm.  Oh wait, I almost forgot.  The dealer tells us that we have a nail in one of our tires and they they don't repair tires.   So, we get that fixed at a local tire shop...and THEN we leave Lancaster.  

Are we bitter that our trip was delayed and that we lost an entire day of fishing?  No.  Not at all.  And I'll you why.  It could've been much worse.  I won't even go into the many different scenarios that wandered through my mind during that afternoon.  I have a very vivid imagination.  That, and I watch a lot of Law and Order and CSI.  Not good.

The Westin Monache is gorgeous.  Slept in their heavenly beds and woke up the next morning, ready to fish.  

We fished Lake Mary.  There were a few others, but sadly, Mammoth has not been the busiest of cities.  The weather was nice, though a little chilly.  And by the end of the afternoon, it was a lot chilly.  But the most amazing part of the day was when Phil spotted the bald eagle!!!  So regal and awesome...I strained my neck staring at it.  I wish we had brought our zoom lens!!!  Instead, what you see is the zoom of our little point-and-shoot.   According to the dock guy, this eagle has lived here for many years.  I feel very blessed to have finally seen him.  I offered him the one fish we kept, but he didn't take it. 

Today's tally:  Phil = 6 fish,  Sandra = 2

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