Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do I Smell A Skunk?

Today was a busy day.  We went to Mono Lake, but not to fish.  I know, say what?!   They have tufas!  Calcium carbonate formations.  You know us and formations.  Gotta see it!  

This is how the day skies and sunlight.

Mono Lake doesn't have any fish.  Just some brine shrimp.  It's twice as salty as the ocean.

The clouds rolled in and started leaking water on us.  

We took the June Lake Scenic Loop and stopped off at Silver Lake to do some fishing.  In no time, the weather went from bad to really bad.  Not only were the clouds endless, the winds were tireless.  After a couple of hours of freezing our tails off, we gave up, got skunked and moved on.
Maybe I spoke too soon.  Phil was adamant.  Lake Mamie was merciful.  And I was still cold.  But being the wife of a fisherman,  I know how important it is to not get skunked.  

Besides, look who came to visit us again.

Today's tally: Phil = 3,  Sandra = 0*

*I have to say that I did hook a fish, and then proceeded to yank the crap out of it until the hook came out of the fish's mouth.  Yes, I am a professional.

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