Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Bug Love Friday

What??? I just wanted to see if it'd fit!

LOL! Doesn't it look like Bug has a reverse boner?! You should see it when he wags his tail. Too cute! I was looking at the newborn onesie, trying to picture the human being that is supposed to fit into such a tiny piece of clothing..and in the corner of my eye...there he was. The victim. Poor Bug. I couldn't resist....he's the perfect newborn size.

I often wonder how Bug will react when Baby gets here. I wonder if he'll see him as competition, the way he sees my mom. He loves my mom, but for some reason, he keeps thinking she's going to steal his food and sleep in his bed. I know she's a small person but she's not THAT small! So, imagine a person who IS as small as he is! P and I think he'll ignore the Baby completely, realizing that THIS particular human has no control over doggie treats or trips to the dog park. We do expect an occasional attempt at food being stolen right out of Baby's mouth...but that's later. Hey, at least the baby will never have food on his face. Buggie will lick that sucker clean!


  1. O M G!!!! freaken hilarious! too cute!!!

  2. hahaha..fits perfectly..!!...i think bug will be protective..? since the baby is small and all...we are worried our misty cat will lick the baby when she comes..her tongue feels like a sand paper rubbing against your face!..

  3. i love this outfit on Bug! Maybe, Baby can hand it down to Bug until next Baby comes along....