Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inside Scoop.

Watch carefully...

I know...I know. What in the world am I wearing?! LOL!! It was originally given to my mom by a friend from Korea. It's this super comfortable, well-ventilated, and very ugly dress that no woman should be caught dead wearing outside the house. A Korean house dress, if you will. I'm not ashamed of wearing it. It's the only thing I can stand to wear these days anyway. In fact, I'm never giving it back!

But back to the issue at hand. That display of belly quakes is just a taste of what I have been feeling and seeing for the past month. The kicks I felt as early as 17 weeks. But I didn't actually see my belly gyrate until about 5-6 weeks ago. First it was just a poke at a time. Now it looks like he's training for the UFC!!

Wanna know what he's doing in there??

So, now you know what Baby is doing on the inside!! Crazy, right?! What is he doing, stomping away at my insides like that?! LOL! It can get pretty intense sometimes. And he likes to stretch his legs and stick his butt out against my belly. I like to take my fingers and rub his butt. I think he's ticklish because he always moves it away when I do that. Little does he know, I'll be wiping that butt for many years to come! He might as well start getting used to it now.


  1. I think he's just excited about the World Cup. Practicing to play in the World Cup 2030? I think so.

  2. holy moly~ both myung and i were laughing at how much he's kicking!!!. looks like he's trying to make more room for himself in there..and you know what that are gonna have to get bigger!
    btw..that dress u gotta take a full body shot as a keep sake..i've never seen such bright bold flower patterns!! ajuma dress from korea..gotta get me one of running out of comfy wear.. :)

  3. i love this one so much! from the dress to the US... all of it... more video!