Tuesday, June 1, 2010


At the request of my friend Benny, here's a photo of my belly. Too bad I can't get footage of the all the kicking that's going on inside.

I am so happy to say that I'm feeling much better these days. I will still take the advice of my smart P and consider them to be good days in a sea of bad ones. That way when I do feel like crap every once in a while, I won't be so surprised. The nausea is pretty much gone, along with most of the food aversion. Although I did get a whiff of some hamburgers on the grill the other night and I almost tossed my cookies.

I think my ankles are swollen...at least I hope they are. Otherwise...dayam! I've got chunky ankles! I can feel my joints and muscles loosening up, getting ready for the big expulsion. And I can no longer lay flat on my back without feeling like I'm trying to breathe underwater. It's getting increasingly challenging putting on my shoes and socks. Painting my toenails was a doozy. And with this baby hanging really low in my pelvis, I'm finding the thought of going commando more and more appealing everyday.

With the nausea slowly lessening, my appetite is gaining strength. Along with it are new challenges, such as bloating, gas and heartburn. Fun stuff. And I think I've skipped the whole 2nd trimester boost, although I do have a about 3 more weeks left, so who knows. Maybe a day of cartwheels will sneak in. Can you imagine?!

The shed in the backyard is 99% complete. (BTW, the instructions say it takes 30 mins. YEAH RIGHT!!) Soon I'll be spending what little energy I have packing up boxes, making space for Baby :) I've got baby showers to plan, showers to attend and much, much more! Now that I feel better and the days don't feel like so long, I can't seem to keep up. I don't know how I ended up being 23 weeks!

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  1. ohhh nice photo!!..i shall post my funny short shirt photos for you too..i've been soo lazy to blog..i shall do it tonight..or sometime today :)