Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inflation: Part II "Bigger is Better"

So it's been about 4 weeks since the last photo. My belly doesn't look that much bigger but it is. It's definitely rounder and fuller sideways. My hips and bum are also wider and fuller. LOL! And according TheBump, my uterus should be the size of an eggplant. Now, I don't know about you, but I've seen eggplants of all I guess it bodes well for them to compare it to something that varies (in case you're bigger than you oughta be). It's like watching your hair grow. It seems like it's staying that that ugly length by your shoulders for what seems like forever. Then one day, you look in the mirror and realize that it's long!!

Not that I do this often, but I can no longer see my hoohaa. I'll just keep bending forward and forward until I fall over. But I can still see my shoes. Can't tie them!!! But I can see them. The best is how clumsy I've gotten. My hands can't seem to hold on to anything anymore. Normally, this would be fine except that I can no longer bend over to pick the crap up! I really like when I drop paper....super flat and impossible to pick up. Sometimes I just want to take off my shoes and socks just to use my toes.

The back pain has increased to a constant dull ache. I can no longer sit on the floor in the living room to eat. It's too difficult getting up and the hardness of the floor does a number on my pelvic bones. I have to lean on my side and use my arms to push myself up off the couch. And I have to use a similar maneuver to get out of bed. And seeing as how my bladder is shrinking each day, you can imagine how many times I have to do that every night. When you decide to start trying to get pregnant, they should say.....visit your doctor, start taking prenatal vitamins, and do lots of arm exercises. Because my arms are getting a workout!!! I guess it's preparing you for all those times you'll be lifting, rocking and carrying the baby.

My belly button is almost an even plane now. And the skin around my belly is so stretched has a nice sheen to it. LOL. At night, I'm even bigger due to the swelling. I bet if I put a light on it, you can see the reflection from outer space! I put on lotion occasionally, but I couldn't care less about getting stretch marks. I've gotten them before due to weight gain and, believe it or not, they do go away. I think they just tell you it doesn't to sell you all those creams and oils. Besides, I'm a little too old to be walking around with my midriff hanging out, no? What, am I in Vegas?? Tacky.

Boobs. Everyone wants to know if the twins got bigger. A little...yes. I'm not Pam Anderson by any means, but they are fuller and my bras are a little tighter. Luckily, I have some bras that are a little too generous in size. I must've bought them right before my period, know what I mean ladies? Plus they were on I went a little crazy and bought a bunch. Well, they're coming in handy now! I guess I should enjoy these suckers while I can. From what I hear, they don't just go back to their normal size. They get smaller!!! Even concave. I keep picturing two mudflaps for breasts you can serve dip in. Always functional!

Yesh, the female body goes through quite a few changes in its lifetime. It really is incredible. You can read or hear about it....but unless you're willing to attach a bowling ball to your belly, add weights to your ankles and wrists, let a woodpecker peck your head every other week, lose all emotional control, give up your taste buds, place a rubber band around your bladder and stomach, be stupid, have smoker's lungs, give up good sleep....ALL FOR NINE MONTHS, you'll never know what it is to be pregnant until you are.

It's a small price to pay for the what you get. Something so precious and one-of-a-kind. A creation that no one else can duplicate (putting cloning aside, that is). It was hard to have this perspective in the beginning when I felt like I was rockin' the smallest boat in the biggest storm. Compared to the nausea and vomiting, all these other discomforts are bearable. I just want Baby to be healthy, kicking on the outside as he is on the inside. I can't wait for his arrival!!

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  1. amen to that ...its so much easier now than the first few months of sickness..and..u know it's really 10 months of craziness..!!!...gah...