Monday, April 4, 2011


Just burnt some toast. Go me.

Some days I feel like supermom. And other days, I can't even remember to brush my teeth. There's no question that these last 6 months have been a doozy. I will admit, my life, up until the pregnancy, has been really easy. No major hurdles or tragedies to deal with. Nothing that makes me feel like a victim or a statistic. And I always justified my easy life as being such because God knew I couldn't handle it. You know how the saying goes. God only gives you what you can handle. Well, there you have it. So you can imagine my surprise when my morning sickness was as bad as it was. I kept thinking...there must be some mistake. Is God on vacation or something because he knows what a wuss I am.

And we all know about the challenges P and I faced when W finally arrived. Thrush, jaundice, crying whenever he was tired (which was always), hating his stroller, and, of course, his size. Newborns are hard. A big newborn is even harder!! And to be honest, I hate hearing people comment about how big he is. If he was underweight, I'm sure no one would say a peep. At least W doesn't look like a lollipop. His big head is proportioned to his big body and I think he looks perfectly squishy and adorable. So there!!

We did have it easy in other ways though. He was a good eater and breast feeder from the get-go. Boy, was he ever! He didn't have colic or reflux. At least I don't think he did. No major skin issues. Hasn't gotten sick yet (crossing fingers, toes and eyes). Laughs and smiles a lot. Nice round head, mainly due to the fact that his head is too large to keep straight when he's sleeping. LOL! He never cries when he's soiled his diaper. He loves his changing table and doesn't care when we change his clothes. And, of course, he's not underweight.

It's gotten easier. Much easier. W can ride in his stroller for a lot longer and he loves tummy time. It's no wonder he didn't try rolling onto his back until recently. He's on his way to crawling, sticking his little tooshy out, scooting around his crib. Much to my surprise, he holds and sucks from his sippy cup...sorta. Why couldn't he do this with the bottle?! He's talking and squealing constantly, making eye contact as he does. He especially has a lot to say to Bug. Weird.

Everyone keeps telling me that I'd better start planning his 1-year birthday party. Really?! I guess it makes sense. It takes a week to fold a load of laundry... so a planning a bash for my little sweetie will probably take about 6 months. It will truly be a celebration for P and I. I don't think a day has gone by where we don't look at each and say how blessed we are to have W in our lives. What an amazing experience it is to be his mommy and daddy. Even if we are going broke doing it. Ha ha!!

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