Friday, April 22, 2011

On Your Mark

I've been walking around telling people that my baby was 6 months old. WRONG! He's 7 months now!! When did this happen?! I didn't think it was possible, but I think time is ACTUALLY going faster than ever. I feel like a lot has changed since W was 6 months. He still hasn't said "mama" on purpose...but I know it's a long shot anyway. But he started reaching for us when we call to him. He doesn't do it every time but when he's such a gratifying feeling. It makes me wanna say.."aw, he DOES love me!"

Some of the whining has decreased and we got our happy baby back to some degree. He's been rocking on all fours and it's sooo cute! He does it during tummy time and whenever he's in his crib. But the poor little guy gets so frustrated because he hasn't figured out what to do next.

Soon, it'll be hard to get these still shots of W. He was kind enough to smile for the camera in the middle of his whining. Thanks, baby.

He's been practicing non-stop for the past couple of weeks. Rocking back and forth. But how to move forward...hmmmm...

He's also been sitting up by himself. This is something we didn't really work on but he's doing surprisingly well. I think it helps that he's so bottom heavy. :)

Grandma is so excited that she didn't even change out of her work clothes yet.

Oddly enough, there's a photo of me making this exact face when I was a baby. If I weren't so lazy, you'd be seeing them side by side.

W has been busy, going from place to place with us. See, we have big news! We're moving!!! Soon, I hope. This has been in the works for some time now, but I was afraid to say anything out loud for fear of jinxing it. We soooooo desperately want a place of our own. We NEED a place of our own! W is getting big and he'll be crawling in no time. There is no way I'm gonna let my baby crawl around this house. It's too dangerous and too dusty. Our Dyson probably wants to cry every time we use it. So much dust, so little time!

So we've been shopping. You name it, we need it. So you can imagine how crazy it's been doing all the price comparisons online and in person. My feet need a good soaking. At least it was good for W to be out and about, seeing all the shiny appliances and plushy sofas. He's been a pretty good sport about it, too. I think I was the one doing all the whining.

We're super excited and still having a hard time believing it all. We won't get to move in right away due to the MAJOR updating the place needs. But once it's done, I'll literally be dancing in the street!

Even W is excited about the move!

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  1. how was the move?!..i hope your mom and dad didn't cry..:(