Friday, April 1, 2011

"Still" Love Bug Friday

Remember him? I know, I know. I'm such a bad person for not posting about Bug more often. I've been a little busy but believe me, we didn't forget about Bug. Mainly because he won't let us.

When we first brought W home, Bug went bonkers. He was practically bouncing off the walls.
He was Bug, the dog on crack. And to say he did not like the baby would be a gross understatement. Oh the jealousy! P did his best to prepare Bug for our new addition. He brought home a blanket that smelled like the baby while I was still in the hospital. We made sure to say hi to Bug first before bringing the baby into the house. But none of it took.

Much time has passed since then. He still doesn't like the baby, but he tolerates him. Sometimes he even comes up to W's hand so that he can be pet. That's the funniest, seeing as how W has no idea what to do. Mostly W just grabs his ears and pulls really hard. But Bug is so desperate for the attention, he doesn't care if W is smacking him in the eye!

I think Bug secretly loves W. Whenever I leave the room to wash my hands or grab something, I find that Bug has stationed himself right next to W. Even when W is in the crib and we leave the room, he stays with the baby, sitting under the crib. When W cries, Bug immediately stands at attention, as if to alert us of the situation. I think he realizes...the baby is one of us. He's one of the pack. Cesar Milan would be proud.

He won't even look at the baby. Snob.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Look how delighted W is just to be so close to Buggie.

Bug could only stand to sit next to W for so long. Sigh.

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